Orange Episode 3: Reading is hard

You know what? I'm okay with this. I've been thinking it's weird that Naho was so intent on saving Kakeru from an accident and the future scene from the end of this week's episode makes a lot of sense. Now it feels like there are actual stakes involved. Don't get me wrong, I'm still not over present Naho and I still want to know what's up with the letters, but I can at least get behind this story. Speaking of the letters, the scene in the future definitely made it feel like everyone was coming together to save Kakeru. Shouldn't there be more letters? Also, doesn't this week's episode pretty much confirm that Kakeru will live?

Woohoo! The letters are now pointless! Now they have to explain the time travel mechanic a little more, right?

I don't understand the flashbacks that are happening in this scene. Does this mean Naho finally believes the letters? Right at the point when they can no longer be trusted?


Oh boy...a love rival...

Wait...what? Did the contents of the letter update? Are these new letters? Also, bad end?

Well, she's gonna overthink that.


Yeah, it would be much easier for her to put the message in the letter to guarantee that present Naho gets the message, but I guess future Naho is like the audience. She can't believe present Naho didn't read all of the contents of the letter from the beginning. And that's just sad...

So much for that plan.

Oh...the orange juice is just there to explain the title? Okay then...

I agree...even if Kakeru valued his friends highly, I find it odd that he didn't seem to include himself with the group in his letter. Does that mean he actually does leave the group for personal reasons before he dies? I'm willing to believe he didn't know about his death, but he could have known he wouldn't stay with them, I guess.

Whoa...that's where we're going with this? Alright, man...I'm on board!

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