Rewrite Episode 3: The enemy is everywhere!

I guess stuff is happening. I really don't know what to feel about this series. I understand the point of view that the VN was similarly confusing at this point in the story, but I also think that a lot of the scene transitions and timings for events in this series just or random. As for the lack of information, I don't personally hate it yet...a bunch of stuff is happening where I react like "oh, I guess this will be important later", so we'll see how long this goes. They can't keep us in the dark forever, right?

Wasn't expecting this aspect of Kotori's personality. Also, school festival time already? That was fast.

This is pretty much me IRL.

Oi! As a non-VNer, I'm trying my best to figure out what's going on in this series. Stop trying to distract me!

I'm already getting tired of this guy worshipping Chihaya.

This dark magic turns out to be "authority"...probably because making the dark magic be hacking was too cliche for the hardcore FPS gamer? I mean, fair enough, but I still think it would have been cool.

Dark and Dark!

I don't remember all of those frills being visible when we first saw Koutarou grabbing her...oh crap, everyone's going to think I'm making up an excuse to use this image, are they? It's not what it looks like!

Wait...what? Why would Tsukuno get a reward if the occult club found the tsuchinoko?

Is heterochromia really something that people hide? Eh, I guess kids can be convincing people it's not fake is probably annoying.

Roll credits. Also, from that complicated "power activation animation", I guess the power travels through his blood and then messes with his DNA? Or was that put there just to look pretty?

I mean...why don't you?

I'm sure this will get explained later. For the time being, I'll just nod my head.

Haha that reaction. Also, I'm supposed to be suspicious that Shizuru is one of these "hunters", right? It would certainly explain the butler.

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