Time Travel Shoujo Episode 2: Science is cool, guys!

I'm sticking with what I said last week. The stuff that happens in the past is much more interesting than what happens in the present. I don't really mind the message of trying to raise interest in scientific thinking, but I wonder if too many lines in the episode feel like they're just trying too hard. I also think it's fine that Mari is interested to learn, but doesn't have the scientific knowledge to completely throw the past into chaos (looking at you, Waka).

The stuff in the present seems to be following a pretty standard trajectory. I'm guessing the evil-looking guy is going to show up and explain how the compass works while he tries to take it away from Mari or something. And he probably gets closer to the group each time they go into the past.

Wow...she actually runs around this entire harbor screaming for her father because Gilbert mentions that it was where they first met. Who thinks like that?

Anyone else watch Cosmos? Because that show is the only reason I know who Giordano Bruno is.

Haha stop! It hurts!

I guess this series is really targeted towards kids if it goes through the trouble of repeating this and giving the exact same diagram. Have to be completely certain you understand that the needle should be tilted 20 degrees.

They're dancing around this compass really hard, huh? Gilbert casually suggests that the compass must have been developed as a result of a lengthy scientific process, so no one has to explain how it works.

Why do I get the feeling Gilbert is about to House his way into a scientific discovery?

Yup. So...does that mean that Gilbert never would have figured out how to prove anything without Mari? Because I feel like this is a common issue I have with time travel series...

I understand that scientists are often portrayed as manipulative or cruel people in media, but this might be pushing the point that the scientists are the good guys a little bit too far.

Aww man...she's back in the present? I guess the fun is over...

So this scene illustrates the big problem I have with this series. Mari and Waka just casually assume that the compass will take them to another time so they can meet other famous scientists. How can you make that assumption when you have no idea how it worked the first time? What if it only brings you back to that one time period?

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