Orange Episode 2: Spoiler alert?

Another episode and I'm just getting more and more upset with Naho. Am I supposed to like her? The stuff around Kakeru is fine...sounds like typical shoujo drama to me, so I can't honestly complain. I mean...I'm glad they didn't drag out the "mystery" behind Kakeru and his disappearance in the first episode. But the way Naho treats these letters is seriously making me want to skip to the end of every book I read from now on before I start the first chapter.

Naho reads "Kakeru is no longer with us" and interprets it as "well, I guess Kakeru moved to a different country or something". Either the translation is horribly misleading (is that just an American idiom?) or she's incredibly dumb.

Did I miss something in the first episode? How would Naho know how Kakeru compares to Suwa in soccer? She's never seen Kakeru play either, right?

Well, it wouldn't be a shoujo series if there weren't two guys vying for the main girl's attention. the girl on the right into Suwa? There needs to be a love triangle, right? Just trying to map things out.

These two guys stared at each other holding hands for 9 minutes? That's impressive.

Haha okay then...

The idea of having the mother's conversation carry over into Naho's personal thoughts is a pretty interesting trick.

People are probably going to tell me "Marth, the letters aren't important!", but this is really bugging me. Did Naho get a new letter or is she still reading the original letters? Given that her little mental conversation ended with her decision to not make a lunch for Kakeru, I have to conclude that she hasn't read this letter yet. And if it's still part of the original letter, then WHY HAVE YOU NOT READ THIS YET??

Sure, blame the letter for your own inability to talk with Kakeru.

You mean the letter you were just blaming earlier? Make up your mind, Naho.

Well, that escalated quickly.

See? This is what "no longer with us" actually means, Naho. Translator gets a pass this time. Also, future events should have been altered by this point, right? Guess the letters didn't change anything.

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