Hitori no Shita First Impressions (1): Zombies were the least of my concerns

Well, I was hoping the series based on a Chinese story that seemed to have some supernatural feel to it would be interesting, but I really couldn't follow this episode. I feel like I've had this problem before. The people in this series just seem unnaturally dumb...for no real reason. Oh, I guess the OP is a metal song if you're into that (I'm not). Tomorrow, I'll get back to something fun...like Tales of Zestiria?

He sees someone out late at night with a shovel and his first reaction is "ghost"? Why not "grave robber"?

Give this guy the medal for the most perceptive police detective in existence. Someone who goes through the effort of digging up numerous graves must have been looking for something? Well, I never could have made that guess.

So, the Qingming Festival is apparently a day to pay respects for the dead (I've confirmed this with actual Chinese people...from China). This is apparently a pretty widely known tradition...so here's my question. Given that the Zhang family is apparently famous in this rural town, why wouldn't this guy assume that Chulan is here to visit the grave of his grandfather? Heck, this guy should at least know that college is off that day. It'd be like someone not realizing that a college student gets Memorial Day off.

This is basically Chulan saying "I know you are, but what am I?" or "No you". Also, I had to look up DT...is that bad?

I'm getting tired of how "mysterious" this sister is. I get the feeling the episode is trying to force me to suspect her as the grave robber, but I'm just not buying it.

Also, is Shichuan a place? I get the feeling you mean Sichuan (or Szechuan as it's commonly referred to as in the West).

Yandere End

Dude...I get that Baobao kicks you back in the grave when you try to get out, but there are multiple sides to this grave. Just go the other way...

Yeah, this line is about right. Also, without context, it's actually really difficult to tell that Baobao is not a zombie here.

So...Chulan casually developed an electricity super power? Off-screen? That seems unfair.


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