Rewrite Episode 2: Assembling everyone

Ugh...curse the first episode for messing with my perception of time. I get that the VN readers were having a blast with this episode, but from my perspective, everything seemed to just blow by me. Like I was supposed to be getting something...or picking up on something. she searching for something? Her typing skills are really ba-

What? She was playing an FPS with keys so close to the middle of the keyboard? You only need WASD, man. Also, I really should have guessed this given that the computer looks so similar to an Alienware.

I can't tell whether she's being serious and quirky or just a high-class troll. Please be the latter.


Is it bad that I found this entire gag boring? I felt like I'd seen it before...

Way to be completely obvious, dude...

To be fair, I'd be willing to make a similar bet, but I find it hard to believe Akane makes this bet so easily right after Kotarou seems to strongly indicate that he has superpowers.

Am I the only person deeply bothered by the huge gap between the keyboard and the monitor? This was a laptop, wasn't it?

Good end? We're done here?

Casually recruiting all of the heroines into the club...

Haha nice!


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