Planetarian First Impressions (1): VN veterans spare me

18 minute episodes? Score! Well, this series doesn't seem too bad despite what the rest of the post might indicate (I'm critical of robots?). The setting seems interesting and the main relationship seems to be setting up for something bittersweet.

I'm not really a huge fan of covering two Key VNs in the same season, so you guys are just gonna have to pick one. I don't have a preference. Planetarian seems to be the more tragic of the two, and I can only hope it ends with something like Plastic Memories. But it's also an ONA, so who knows how long it will last? Rewrite also has a better opening song than Planetarian in my eyes if I want to base a decision on music.

Series about a robot starts with a robot POV as she wakes up? Fair enough, I guess.

Also, I almost missed it, but that tablet the guy in the middle is holding is transmitting the robot's vision. No real complaint...just pointing it out.

Oh, I see...this must be the robot's past. If I remember correctly from the synopsis, she gets found by the main character later. Is the world going to be post-apocalypse? Because I'm down with that. This scene does beg the question, though, of why they're lying to a robot.

Narration! And these are totally "tanks". The setting looks like it could be cool so far, but I really don't get what these "tanks" are doing here.

First off, the robot lied. It also sounds like she had no real reason to do why? Secondly, this is going to be annoying, isn't it?

Ha ha...the robot gives you a bouquet of electronics. That's soooooo funny...

Well, the Junker tossed away the bouquet. Does that mean that electronics are pointless in this world?

This guy tries to "dry off" the cigarette with his breath instead of using...whatever fire source he was planning to use to light it. That makes a lot of sense.

Well, I wouldn't either...

Wait, you knew about the robot? You had one job, dude.

Also, is there just a rumor about the robot? She mentions that the last customer was 29 years ago. You're telling me no one else ever made the mistake of running into her in that time?

18 minutes? If this time was used here on purpose, then I'm impressed.

More importantly, did the guy even pay the first time? What good is a discount?

I guess this works.

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