Tales of Zestiria First Impressions (1): Tales of Introduction

Well, prepare your eyes. If I can even notice the animation quality, then there's definitely something to be said. As a disclaimer, I will say that I never fully completed the Tales of Zestiria game, so I come to this series with half knowledge. To tell the truth, I just lost interest in the game (mostly because of the game mechanics...I wasn't far enough in the story to make any serious comments about it). As for this first episode (which is technically a prologue), it does a pretty decent job of getting you hyped up for the actual series. Like...I know all of the crap people say about this game's story and I'm even ready to watch. We'll see how much changes once we actually get into the actual game story (and when we get more Sorey).

Whoa...so much screen time for Alisha. I'm not used to this. I guess we're easing everyone into the story by having Alisha in some ruins similar to how Sorey is introduced in the game? But still, do I have to pay extra to get these Alicia scenes?

If I had actually played further into the game, I might actually know who these knights are. For now, I guess I just go with "Alisha's entourage"?


This kind of stuff I don't mind...

Sigh...this guy again. He just had to get a cameo.

Oh, they just show us who she is...okay then.

The "it's right behind you!" cliche...really? Also, I like the music in this scene, I really do. The soundtrack for Tales games is always excellent and the music definitely reminds me of game music...but the volume of the music is way too loud here.

Really going all-out here, huh? Oooohhh...destruction...

This guy's just dead, right? Completely ditched? Too bad...it looks like he's about to discover something. Is it wrong that I'm a fan of how casually he's left behind?

Oh...is this why I don't know these knights? It certainly explains a lot.

Wait wait...I totally know who this person is...uhh...ahh, crap. You're all gonna make me finish the game, aren't you?

This black mist is really good at killing everyone except Alisha. Woohoo plot armor! And well...actual armor, I guess.

I know that dragons play a role in the story of Tales of Zestiria, but I didn't think they played this much of a role. People who completed the game?

Whoa whoa...Velvet? Show me this story instead!

Call me biased towards FLOW all you want...I really prefer this anime opening song over the game's opening song.

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