Orange First Impression (1): So many puns could be made with this title

I guess this season's theme is redoing the past? Anyway, some initial thoughts. Not a bad first episode, I guess. I don't have any strong opinions yet. I know I definitely got distracted by over-analyzing the time travel mechanic in this Boku Dake all over again? I don't have the "I read the manga" perspective for this series, so I guess we'll see how this goes.

Opening song isn't bad...I prefer it to the ending song. I feel like there are too many voices in the ending song.

If I remember correctly, this story revolves around a character receiving letters from her future self, so I'm guessing this is her future self in this introduction. However, the scene seems to suggest that all of the members of the group are sending back these letters. Or maybe Naho's the only one with deep regrets? Might be a bit early for wild speculation.

Well, it wouldn't be a shoujo series if it didn't start with the main character rushing to class. The moment when I realized that this was a shoujo series...

Seems normal enough...

Wait...did Naho just fail the first instruction given to her from her future self? I was wondering if she was trying to be literal by saying "it's okay if someone else invites Kakeru, but you can't be the person who gives the invitation", but I guess that would probably be a meaningless distinction.

I get the feeling I'll get tired of her.

Mustard greens, man? I mean, I guess I'd be curious too, but after a quick search for "mustard greens", I'd probably lose that interest.

Is this...road trip music playing in the background? What? Huh?

It's followed by a series of scenes where the group wanders around town with random pictures of maps, so I guess it fits. It still feels like a random choice, though.

Haha Kakeru's face on the left.

I'm guessing more about this letter will be revealed as time goes on, but so far, everything that we've seen seems to be part of the same letter. Is one letter going to be guiding us throughout the series? If so, why doesn't Naho just read everything?

Wait...why isn't someone from the softball team not already on the team? Why is Naho just now being asked to hit for them? I guess they're trying to make things fair or something...

I mean...I guess this isn't a bad scene, but the pitcher's behavior doesn't make sense to me. Naho was completely unfazed by the first pitch because she knew what it would be from the letter. If the pitcher has a specific style, it's still possible that the second pitch is the same as predicted, but if the pitcher is adjusting based on the results of the first pitch, why doesn't she change the pitch? Is it because Asuza reacts the same way to the first pitch in the original timeline?

How does Naho get this moment alone with Kakeru in the original timeline? I know he notices her foot pain before she makes the decision to pinch hit, but would she be limping so much if she hadn't taken the opportunity? Or does she fall in love with Kakeru just from his noticing her foot.

Is this misinterpretation bait? This wording about Kakeru seems purposely vague...

  • Nightsworn

    July 4, 2016, 6:13 p.m.

    Shoujo... scary D:

    They briefly mentioned imaginary numbers so I wonder if they're going to try to use that as their means of time travel (something travelling faster than light would have an imaginary time dilation which results in the effect appearing to take place before the cause to certain observers since space-time intervals are based on the squared value of the coordinate)

    Yeah, I think I'd be staying away from something with the phrase "mustard green" attached to it as well...

    I found it a bit silly that she didn't read the whole letter in one go. I mean, if I got a letter from future me, I'd read the whole thing multiple times to make sure I got everything. Then probably spend the next few days trying to work out how this happened and mess up all the instructions, but that's not the point! :L



    July 4, 2016, 6:47 p.m.

    everyone is telling me saaaaaaaafe, so ill believe them! *blindly shambles forward*

    teach us more physics, sensei! let's build a time machine!

    i dunno, man...ppl like their mustard >.>

    same here. with most supernatural things, i know that i would be much more skeptical, but time travel is something i find plausible, so id probably go with it.



    July 4, 2016, 8:39 p.m.


    Umm... it would be hard to do this method since 1) If something were travelling faster than light, there'd be a lot of heat given off 2) The molecules in the thing would probably stop being bonded together and 3) We currently don't know how to get things to go above light speed, even though Einstein's favourite principle of equivalence might suggest that something falling into a black hole would travel faster than light once it passed beyond the Schwarzschild radius but physicists seem to want to ignore that... maybe the jet streams that get fired out of either side of a black hole are particles that have been time travelled back by falling into the hole, so that would explain the information paradox. Would also explain how stuff could escape, if it was travelling faster than light until it left (weird point at the horizon, but that's there in any model). But this whole 3rd point is all speculation on my part. :P The alcubierre drive could theoretically time travel but we'd need a negative mass and some way to stop the whole thing superheating the ship and the stuff inside... (Is this fine? D:)

    I'm not a fan tbh, unless it's not a main ingredient. It's like Marmite :L Those curry ones sound tasty though...

    I think it's possible to time travel energy, but I guess it falls to philosophy to determine whether we'd still be the same person on the other side, even if we could somehow reassemble everything (in the full human time travel case). But I'd definitely go with it. In fact, I'd probably use this "proof" of time travel to inspire myself to try and get famous for being the guy who figured out how to time travel lol. The future me might actually include the details in the letter, unless I was the guy who figured it out in the first place so I'd know I could do it without my help... or something... (or he might have too much respect for science to steal someone else's idea before they could come up with it)

    Time travel is a concept that really interests me so I'll pretty much always be down for a time travel show. D: Even one as awful as... *tries to think of an (anime) example that was done badly*



    July 5, 2016, 7:28 a.m.

    oooohhh *claps*

    oh right, you crazy brits and your crazy condiments...

    philosophy? noooooooooooo!! but that's true...any future where time travel becomes commonplace runs into the problem of someone going back and telling himself how to do it...


    Schrodingers Cat

    July 5, 2016, 12:21 p.m.

    Night isn't a brit! He's a scot! :T


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