Rewrite First Impressions (1): Ghost story

Okay, let's start things out with some quick initial impressions of the episode (I say quick, but the first episode was more like two episodes T_T). I guess I can't really complain about a romance series that starts with the hero being stabbed by the heroine within the first five minutes.

Uhh...what is this? This is probably some really deep symbolism that I'm not picking up. All I see is a brief history of man...

On the one hand, this entire series is called "Rewrite", so this could just be some future version of the main character saying that he needs to go back and fix everything we're about to see. On the other hand, there are brief flashes of multiple heroines and I know that this series is supposed to be a side story to the VN. So maybe he's saying "I saved all of these girls, but I need to go back and save this other one to do things right." VN veterans?

Am I supposed to know what's happening here or is this an easter egg for VN people? Just in case this is useful later, I'll try to keep a mental note. Looks like our main character is used to going through this place (I'm assuming is some sort of alternate dimension).

Game over! On to the next series...

Sure, totally normal request. I guess this Kotori typically roams and hides around town.

Ugh...mascot characters...

Mooooneeeeyyyyy...haha, this "vice" for Kotori isn't bad.

Ghosts!! Are we sure this isn't a horror story? We had the cliche black cat earlier...

Vampire ghost!

Well, time to casually introduce the characters.

I'm not sure if this is the actual translation or just translator flair, but making the connection from "duel" to "card game" is a pretty funny reference.

Skipping through these casual character introductions because I won't remember them anyway. Super Saiyan!

Oh, so it's this kind of show? This feels dangerous...

This is an excellent reaction picture.

I've seen this character before...

Does the teacher count? Because if not, we're still only at four out of five heroines introduced (assuming Super Saiyan girl is a heroine too). This is too much work...

I get the feeling she doesn't count. the journalist character being used to tell us that Koutarou has some secret that he's keeping from everyone in the school? Because I'm fine with that mechanic...

More secrets! Also, I've been blinded!

So Koutarou knows this guy is an information broker and doesn't immediately go to him asking about this "Witch"? Heck, why not ask the journalist?

Also, the supposed "information broker" gives away information for free...this guy sucks at his job.

I dunno, guys. Isn't this series too spooky?


Chihaya's getting a lot of early focus. Is she the first target to drop out of the spotlight?

I guess I can't call this product placement, but really feels like it.

Hmm...the flashback is different. I'm assuming this is done on purpose, so...another dimension?


He finally reveals that he has a power. I can't tell if he refers to a literal accelerator (meaning he speeds up his punch) or if he means that he's figuratively hitting the accelerator (meaning that he just activates the power). we're Majora's Mask (light and dark fairies)?

Nooooooooooooo! Not the coffee!

Also, weren't you supposed to be hitting the accelerator, man? It's almost like he knows that the girl will save him.

Me too, man...

Wow...a 48-minute episode and we only get the OP song? That's actually...really hardcore.

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