Relife First Impressions (1): I'll get to the rest later

I know I said I would do an overall review of this series instead of posting weekly and that's still the plan. But I don't have time to watch the entire series this weekend, so I'm going to start off with a post on the first episode.

Some quick notes before I get into the episode. I know I'm biased because I read the manga, but I really feel like I'd have trouble with this series even if I hadn't. The soundtrack definitely feels like it's a mess. The songs seem very simplistic and don't fit into the scenes where they're being played. The songs often sound like they're going for a jazz feel, but some of the piano pieces sound like somebody randomly hitting keys. I don't really mind the opening song, though. Not a huge fan of the ending song.

Ahh, look at this news program in the background trying to be so meta by talking about NEETs and shut-ins while introducing our main character who can't find a job.

There's something really distracting about the song that's playing in the background. Just random piano trying to build suspense where it doesn't need to be. Also, I'd like to point out that it really is possible to figure out that a job situation sucks within three months...

I'd probably be suspicious if someone knowing this much came up to me as well, but I'd probably also question who would go through so much effort to research me.

Look, I'm really trying to pay attention to what's happening in this scene, but the random drum beat in the background is really throwing me off. Also, you know what they say about propositions that seem too good to be true...

Is there any reason we couldn't see Ryo tell Arata this stuff on the street? This series of quick flashbacks to tell us that Arata now looks high school age seems unnecessary...

I mean...I would have taken it. I'd be curious.

Securing the protagonist seat! Something I didn't really question much in the manga...why would the ReLIFE program choose high school as an appropriate place to redo things? I feel like college is generally more formative. Because high school settings are easier to write? Maybe...

Hishiro ruins all of the fun.

Oh, I see...because the sunlight is shining on them. Totally get that!

Well, this font change is just embarrassing...

This is a common theme that Arata struggles with throughout the manga that I never really understood. I mean, I get that he's much older than most of the people in the class, but who cares?

You know they're Asian because they're taking tests on the first day.

One job, dude.


These scenes are pretty funny, but a lot of them really make me wonder. Would I be like this if I were put in the same situation? I feel like Arata has way too much difficulty adapting back to the high school life.

Teaching kids early that you get positions of importance by performing well in academics!

High school students these days...always talking like they know the world.

The interactions between Ryo and Arata are probably one of my favorite parts of the series, but I'm starting to miss reading Ryo's reports about Arata (we've blown through a few).

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