Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Final Episode (12): Finally done with the season

Ahh...narration. Thanks for that, Biba.

Wow, Ikoma looks surprisingly normal given his appearance at the end of last week's episode.

Somehow Kurusu makes himself look much more effective in battle despite Ikoma's new piledriver arm.

It actually makes no sense that Kurusu asks this. If he's worried that Ikoma is turning, I feel like the most appropriate question would be "are you still with us, Ikoma?". This just sets up the obligatory line from the opening sequence.

Is the POV shot of Ikoma approaching this guy supposed to be more epic or something? Because it seems more to me like the studio's just too lazy to animate Ikoma running and attacking. In fact, the animation in general in the episode seems like they're purposely obscuring fight scenes to show less action.

You don't really expect me to believe this guy is really this stupid, right? It's a train on a track...Ikoma can just get off the track.

Okay, this episode gets points for actually having Ikoma use the Kabane gun on a human.

Final boss Biba appears!

WHAT? You mean the distant sound of stone dropping in the water prompts Ikoma to fire his gun directly behind him to get Biba? A normal person would run towards the sound, but that would lead to Ikoma impaling himself on Biba's sword, so we can't have that.

Meh...I'm okay with this.

Nice catch, Ayame. Kurusu was about to fall right into that railing...and probably be okay. Also, doesn't these people seem way too happy given how messed up Ikoma looks right now? It's almost like they know he'll be okay.

Okay, I understand that Biba was given a spare vial of white blood earlier, but this is still stupid. Does it even make sense that Biba would save Ikoma? Wouldn't he take Ikoma's death to mean he was weak and deserved to die? I just don't understand this guy.

I dunno, guys. I just can't help being upset with this series. At least the action is decent, right?

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