Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 11: Almost time for the boss battle

Probably the worst lesson that I'm going to learn from watching so much anime is this. The next time my life is in danger, I'm going to jump into the nearest body of water to guarantee my survival.

Don't think you can get away with this. We know Mumei's mind is dead right now, so this is just a standard villain monologue.

This guy explains himself to a kid like the kid could understand this. Yes, I understand Biba was precocious, but he's still not going to understand the inner mind of someone who's mentally ill (or at least, I'm assuming the shogun is mentally ill).

Delivering injections like this...

This divine bird is so random. I guess every nation needs an emblem?

The series thinks it can make me forgive Biba's character by showing us how messed up the shogun really is. We already predicted this level of insanity based on Biba's behavior, so at this point I'd say this is too little too late.

I'm really surprised the shogun just lets Biba in to the city here. Given his personality, I feel like it would be more appropriate for him to just make sure Biba is killed instead of letting him return a captive.

Wow...Kurusu managed to find Ikoma? That's impressive. Also, there's a question I've been neglecting to ask for a while. Why is Ikoma's arm not still bleeding? Why hasn't he died from blood loss?


Also, the shogun is simultaneously smart enough to realize Biba is plotting something but dumb enough to follow Biba's request in spite of that...

I'm actually fine with Biba's plan here...it makes enough sense and preys on fear like you would expect. Still, I have to ask...why?

"Brainwashed ally spared you on purpose meaning there's hope for saving her" cliche.

Yeah, there's totally time for this haircut. Also "hero changes appearance to indicate character growth" cliche.

I'm actually fine with this.

I really hate this mechanic. Why arbitrarily make this distinction between Ikoma and the other Kabaneri? Why not use the very obvious explanation: Ikoma would react unpredictably to the black blood because he didn't become a Kabaneri in the same way as the girls. He did it to himself rather than going through some surgery that they never explain. Creating this "male vs female" distinction just feels like an unnecessary trope to bring into the series.

First off, I'm reminded of Iron Man here. Secondly, why does Ikoma inject himself now? The scientist guy just told him that he'd be burning through his remaining life force until he dies like a candle flame. Why not wait until he's closer to the city?

Well, let's see how crazy the ending of the series gets...

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