Bungou Stray Dogs Final Episode (12): The raid bosses appear! Right at the end!

What's up, roomie? Nothing strange going on here...moving on.

Wait...plot development? We're not ending the season off with a filler episode? Woohoo! Well, I guess I actually have to pay attention now.

I'm totally going to remember this. Also, America is apparently responsible? Oops...

That's some convenient helicopter timing. Also, is he landing his helicopter in the middle of the highway despite the fact that there seems to be a decent landing area right next to it?

Aww man...now I can't complain about his helicopter placement.

Also, this entire scene pisses me off for some reason. It's like "let's make it very clear that this guy is a foreigner".

Solve all problems with money!

The fact that this guy keeps walking across the screen means he must be important. Enemy?

Wait...I don't understand. Does she only pull in people? Because the news made it sound like the entire building with Kenji disappeared. If so, where's the building?

Confidently saying the plan means it won't work.

Atsushi, run to the door now while she's explaining! Though, using the key probably takes some time, so his best plan is probably to secretly pass the key to the other guy and distract the doll.

First off, screw you, Atsushi, for holding the key out to the side when you reach the door instead of immediately putting it in the lock. Secondly, this guy warns Atsushi in a ridiculously ambiguous way. How does Atsushi know he's talking about the key and not the doll?

Don't you hate it when game masters do this?

Doesn't this scene kinda negate all of Atsushi's recent character growth?

This whole "bumbling idiot is actually the strongest character" reveal would be more interesting if Dazai didn't already do it in this series.

Not bad, Atsushi...but I don't know if this forgives your attempt to escape earlier.

These cars all try to move across the intersection from different directions at the same time. Do you even traffic light?

Rintarou? As in Okabe Rintarou?

Based on the next scene where it's revealed that the old guy is the leader of the Port Mafia, I guess this is happening because Kyouka recognized him. I thought it might be some cliffhanger where her powers were rejecting her or something.

Well, at least the series didn't troll us at the end. That being said, I question whether Atsushi even grew at all throughout this series. As for the series in general, I'd say nothing special, but definitely not bad. I should just reserve judgment until the next season, right?

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