Joker Game Final Episode (12): Randomly romance!

Starting off the episode with a training exercise in a blizzard. To be fair, though, what is this guy actually suggesting? That the group turn back for the sick guy? Or give the sick guy a rest in the snow? Because both of those options don't feel like they would help much.

"All commanding officers are dicks" cliche. Come on, man...that was at least 50% your fault for stumbling backwards.

I feel like I should immediately suspect the woma- No! Stop doing that, me!

This episode is the first time we've seen the other spies contributing to a single spy's mission. I know the other spies have made appearances, taking a supporting role, but they're even having what seems to be a round table discussion on the case. Given that the episode is titled "Double Cross", is it supposed to indicate that one of the spies is involved? Or that the main character himself is supposed to be suspicious?

WHAT COULD IT MEAN?? (They used the "XX" in the episode title, so it's not like it's hard to figure out the link with "Double Cross")

Phew, suspicions vindicated. Still, I feel like I've become too hyper-sensitive about this series. Like here, I'm thinking the way Yuuki said this feels purposely vague. He's not outright saying the woman is the culprit. Maybe he's really saying "investigate the woman and the true culprit will be revealed".

Wait...this is the spy's memory, right? Is this supposed to indicate that Yuriko reminds him of his mother? Seems like a romantic interest to me! This is new...

Why exactly is he so shocked here?

Woohoo! Suspicions were correct! Okay, guys...we're back to always suspecting the female character in the episode! What? This is the last episode? Crap... totally fair. The spy recognizes that he was distracted from the mission by the appearance of Noriko and resigns his post. An overreaction? Maybe, but completely reasonable.

I can't wait to see someone latch on to this as the only reason they dislike this series. This line is especially funny given the whole experience with the Wind Agency and their "don't hesitate to kill" mentality.

Well, Yuuki needs to sound cool in the final moments of the episode.

Overall, I'd say I had a fun time watching this series. Sure, there have been plenty of complaints about the episodic nature of the series, but it worked for me. It's interesting watching spies do things...what can I say? I definitely agree that the characters were hard to differentiate, though, and might have been too numerous. Also, the final episode felt like just another episode in the series. Nothing about it felt like "this is the end". Maybe this means there will be more...maybe it's just how the series works. But it's definitely disappointing as an ending.

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  • Karandi

    June 23, 2016, 3:52 a.m.

    "I can’t wait to see someone latch on to this as the only reason they dislike this series" - I laughed when I read this because the line really ticked me off. However, I really just think it made me hate Yuuki and not the series. The series remains a kind of okay show but not one I really got in to.



    June 23, 2016, 6:50 a.m.

    i had fun with it...given the times, it might have been asking too much to make yuuki say something more progressive. that being said, i could see the argument for just not having the line at all


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