Big Order Final(ly) Episode (10): And it's over

Remember when we thought this was so charming and novel in the first episode? Yeah, me neither.

Eiji's doing pretty well for having this sword in his stomach...not that I know what it feels like to be in his situation, but I would expect some girlish screaming to be happening right about now.

The face of a mass murderer!

I know I'm harping on the same thing, but I still haven't gotten an explanation for why Gennai is able to overwrite Eiji's control. Sena clearly got Bind Dominator before any other Order and based on this memory, it looks like Eiji used Illegal Digger to rewrite memories soon after Sena got Bind Dominator. Why even bring up this explanation of "whoever got the power first overwrites the other" if you don't even care enough to follow it?

Secondly, if Illegal Digger just vanished from Eiji's head, does that mean he no longer has Bind Dominator?

Aaaaaaand Eiji loses his hand again.

This makes sooooooo much sense...

It's like they couldn't decide whether or not they wanted to make this series a hentai.

Oh hey...they didn't forget about the fusion mechanic. That's...something.

They're not even trying with Franc's mouth right starts moving at the start of the sentence and stays still for the rest of it. I suppose the perpetual grayscale is proof enough that the animators got lazy, but this is just frustrating. Also, let's randomly put a restriction on Hiiragi's seemingly unbeatable power for the final episode.

Failure punch!

If this god is so strong, why does she only get 2 minutes of screen time?

World! I command you to be fixed!

You have no idea how convenient that is, do you Eiji?

Casual Daisy? Wait, does this mean everyone got casual memory loss?

No further comments on this show...I'm running for the door. It's clear that not even the people producing the series cared enough about this final episode based on all of the lazy animation (Sena's mouth movements while she wasn't saying anything was the worst of it), so why should I care?

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