Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 10: So close and yet so far...

I'm fine with this...I think it fits his personality and it makes his character more interesting than the rest. Plus, he's probably going to pull the reverse betrayal later to get back on everyone's good side.

Seriously, what? Let's just make this guy look at evil as possible so we have a good excuse to kill him off later, right?

This background story is a bit late, but I'll take it. Still, were these troops dissenters? Followers of Biba? Why would you let 400,000 troops die so easily? If you were trying to get Biba killed, was it really worth it? Or was the number of troops meant to discredit Biba as a commander? Even if that's the case, I still have a hard time believing it's worth it. Plus, why didn't Biba have a retreat plan for his troops?

Not a bad plan, Ikoma...

I don't know how to feel about this scene. Does this "bro" moment mean that one of these two is going to die?

Is this line supposed to have an effect because someone else said it last week? Because I don't think it does.

Uhh...what? Did he recognize that Ikoma was a Kabaneri from a single glance? Or was this line supposed to be translated as "He's the Kabaneri"?

Yeah, this really fits his character well. It's about time Sukari had a good role.

What is Ikoma even using to block this kukri? He doesn't even look like he's touching it. Maybe that little notch at the bottom?

Also, apparently male Kabaneri are rare...this feels like a cliche.

My immediate response was "yes...yes, it is", but Ikoma says that too. I give the show points for that.

Well, it's about time. I don't even mind what Biba says about the drug suppressing her Kabane transformation. The fact that she's willing to risk becoming a Kabane shows some character growth.

You just want to die, don't you Takumi?


So many limbs lost this season (not just this show)...

Seriously? Screw you, series.

I dunno...I didn't mind the first half of the episode too much. Takumi's death flags were even excusable. But having Biba brainwash Mumei to keep her on his side feels like the laziest mechanic of all time. I'm guessing it's happening because Biba has no more Kabaneri with him on the train and the writers are trying to build to a Kabaneri vs. Kabaneri showdown, but it makes Mumei's character lose so much impact.

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