Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 11: Well, I got some good reaction pictures today

Darn...this should have been my post for last week's episode. It sums up the episode so nicely!

I know it's pointless to call stuff like this, but he's going to open the door and everyone will be doing something playful with Kyouka. It would fit the tone of the series.

Yeah, something like that.

The fact that Kyouka wants to disprove Akutagawa's claim that she can only kill with her power is somewhat typical of anime, but perfectly respectable. I have no problems with this. At least she has a good reason (looking at you, Atsushi).

Oh no...I'm so worried about Akutagawa right now...I can't even control the monotone level of my written voice.

Why even bring this guy back? He did absolutely nothing the last time he showed up.

She wants to senpai to notice her so much, but her senpai is too busy trying to get his senpai to notice him. Standard anime.

Guys...you have automatic rifles. You can't honestly be this bad at aiming, can you? She's literally right in front of you. I don't even think Stormtroopers are this bad.

All I've gotten so far from this is that this half of the episode is focusing on the overalls kid. Oh, and something exploded!


This looks like the face of brainwash!

This is so painful to watch...

Basically my reaction too.

Pretty boring episode this week...I honestly wasn't a fan of either half. The second half of the episode felt like it could have honestly happened at any point during the series (minus the Kyouka fluff). The first half...well, let's ignore the first half. Anyway, next week's episode finishes things off for this series. One more showdown with the Port Mafia or will we finish things off with more filler to cool down? Maybe something focused on Kyouka?

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