Joker Game Episode 11: Priority of the mission

I'm starting to get by the fact that every episode starts like this. Sigh...I'm sure this scene will be relevant later.

Hey, man...maybe the guy wanted some matches to light some fireworks or something. Is that a thing in this time period? Is being able to recognize tobacco resin a thing people could do in this time period?

Looks like a fake death to me. Though, to be fair, I know that he's the main character.

Or because his muscles relaxed when he died or something...

So much darkness...if the subs weren't there, I'd be convinced my video player had crashed or something.

Oh, I see...this must be Yuuki, which must mean the guy questioning him is the eyepatch dude we've been seeing.

Every time this guy says "that man", I get a little more annoyed that he does this so the audience doesn't learn Yuuki's real name. mean Yuuki escaped by setting off a grenade in his left hand? First off, that's all kinds of hardcore. Secondly, how the heck did he survive that while killing off several of his captors?

This man has caught a large number of spies, right? Is this something he's used to hearing or does this case have particularly minimal evidence? This question makes it sound like all of the spies this guy has caught before weren't really that special.

Wait, is Maki actually dead?

This man is everywhere.

"I failed again" face.

I can't really feel much for this episode. I mean, sure a spy died (which I really didn't expect to happen), but can you really feel for these spies? They haven't done much to differentiate themselves as spies and I can't even remember which episodes had this guy. Though to be fair, the fact that the big reveal of this episode was that there wasn't really a big reveal was interesting.

I think the main takeaway from this episode is simple: Yuuki is made of steel.

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  • Karandi

    June 16, 2016, 6:02 a.m.

    Have to agree. Yuuki escaping by blowing off his own hand is kind of cool but the rest of this just kind of trickles by and we're not emotionally invested enough to care.



    June 16, 2016, 6:06 a.m.

    i was surprised to see some ppl saying that this was their favorite spy...they all seem the same to me. i applaud the show for baiting us into expecting a twist, but yeah, i got nothing for the spy


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