Kiznaiver Episode 10: Think of the children!

Hey, Hisomu...that's my line! I don't know whether to like this guy because I agree or hate him for stealing my lines.

This series expects me to believe that Katsuhira can tilt the can at this angle and drink everything inside. That can is the size of his face...yeah, right.

I don't know what to feel because their tattoos actually disappear just like that. This has to be a trap.

This guy knows how to mess with people. I can respect that even though he's being a dick.

Let's get back together, guys! It's not super surprising that Nico would be the one try and get the Kiznaivers to be friends again.

Well played, Hisomu.

This is a bit drastic, don't you think? Also, this series will try to make me think something bad happened to Sonozaki.

Screw you, anime. She clearly fell forward. And you're telling me the pain from a fall this minor was enough to bring Katsuhira to his knees?

How exactly does this work? I get the idea of a "center" that spreads the pain out to everyone, but I don't see a reason why pain would be amplified. It would make more sense if the center just felt the full pain of anyone connected to them. It would only be five times the pain if they were all experiencing similar pain at the same time. Or are you just saying that over time, with everyone constantly transmitting pain back to you, you start feeling like it's five times the pain? Because I can see that.

Aww yeah! Totally called this last week! Now Katsuhira has to deal with the realization that his indifference towards his own pain was actually hurting someone else, someone he cares about.

Feelings! Well, that's the reaction I expected Katsuhira to have, but not for the reason I thought. Come on, man! You were supposed to be upset by what you were doing to Sonozaki! I guess seeing the life drained out of your friends works too...I just feel like I would have done it differently.

So another decent episode for Katsuhira's character. Now we just wait and watch as the power of friendship overcomes the Kizuna System!

Final side note: Did Chidori have any business being in this episode? Her scene with Tenga seemed all kinds of pointless...

  • Karandi

    June 14, 2016, 3:04 a.m.

    Kind of have to agree that Chidori seemed to be in the episode only so she could be in the episode. I wonder if the writers felt obligated to feature all of the participants once they were introduced regardless of whether they serve a purpose. I felt that way during Yuta and Honoka's stories wehre it seemed like you didn't need all of the kids to converge at once when one or two would have been enough to serve the purpose.



    June 14, 2016, 7:07 a.m.

    yeah, I just feel like they could have put that scene anywhere else and no one would have noticed the difference. as it stands, it was just a distraction that really didnt accomplish much

    as for honoka and yuta, they feel like they've been removed from the plot ever since they finished honoka's story


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