Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 9: Can we just go back to the zombies thing? I think we've crossed a line...

Wow...that's so convenient. It's almost like the writer knew that Biba's Kabaneri were specifically a woman and a child. Seriously, why even have this line?

Well, since you asked? Absolutely! You're not an important character and you're obviously hiding the danger of the situation from Mumei. As I've said before with other shows, this is not how you do foreshadowing!

Your question above seems to suggest otherwise.

I like this guy.

Wait...this is all part of Biba's plan, right? You mean his big plan involves having Mumei fake a trip to the bathroom?

If Mumei still trusts Biba after seeing this, I have no idea what to think.

Wait, seriously? You're really expecting me to believe that humans have survived this long with rope as the primary point of failure on their drawbridge? You use steam-powered gears to fire an arrow, but you can't build giant gears to lift your bridges? Heck, at least use metal cables.

You see what you've done, minor Kabaneri character whose name I forget? You've pissed off the fans...now you're pretty much condemned to death.

And even though you were kind enough to trust me, you must die for your master's deception! Logic!

Huh...this entire scene seems to suggest that the fused colony we saw a few episodes back really did have a Kabaneri in the core. In which case, why didn't Mumei freak out more about that?

Humans defending a gate against a giant who wants to break it down? This show just literally became Attack on Titan, didn't it?


This guy has a minigun? Are you serious?

WHAT?? Please steampunk world, enlighten me with your physics.

Sure, I believe this is possible.

We need a reason to keep the main character alive, right?

If Mumei doesn't turn on Biba after this episode, there's something wrong with her. This episode makes me feel bad for saying I thought Biba had a chance to be interesting. It looks like they introduced him the way they did last week specifically so they could juxtapose it with this week's brutality. Buuuut I guess he's just a generic psychopath...man, I thought this might be cool.

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