Joker Game Episode 10: Yuuki the Puppet Master

Ahh...the old "sand in the eyes" trick. That's one way to start off an episode.

Given that this is what Yuuki is always saying and that last week's episode involved a battle between two different spy agencies, I'm guessing this line is here so we're absolutely sure that the main character in this arc is from the D-Agency.

It's hard to hear clearly, but the background noise in this bar actually sounds like they're in an English-speaking bar. But that aside, it looks like this week's episode (or this arc?) is going to be devoted to this guy investigating the D-Agency (or is he investigating Yuuki specifically?).

Maybe I've been watching too much of this series, but I'm immediately suspicious of her. What's wrong with me? I suppose the other option is she's put here to die.

Well, the backstory certainly lines up...painting Akira as a prodigy does seem to match up with what we've seen of Yuuki so far. However, this investigator is learning a lot of this stuff really easily...meaning it's either fake or the investigator will die with the knowledge, right? Yuuki seems like too much of a super-spy to let this happen.

Well, that explains why the guy at the beginning was saying Yuuki's line.

Also, these guys fight Akira 3-on-1 with knives and Akira gets crap about fighting fairly for throwing sand in their face? Hahahahahahahaha

Hahahaha this is some online conspiracy theory-level association. Someone find the Illuminati meme!

This guy's name...moving on.

Busted! I actually found it kinda funny that this happens right after the guy (Aaron Price?) was just talking about how a dog is more useful than a spy whose cover is blown...not sure if that was the point.


Definitely sounds like something Yuuki would do, but I still have a question. Why exactly is the old guy telling Price the truth now? What changed? The fact that Price came back? I mean, it means Price knows he was lying about Akira, but you don't need to tell him everything, right?

Well, at least he has something, right? I feel like I got baited into suspecting this girl.

This series does such a cool job with Yuuki. The fact that he's such an important character that seems to affect so many aspects of the show with very minimal screen time makes him feel more and more like a real spy.

Jeez...this series makes me wonder if anything we've watched so far is true.

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