Kiznaiver Episode 9: It hurts?

Oh yeah...this show was about sharing pain. Thanks for reminding us, masochist guy! Also, Maki's face in this scene.

Come on, Yuta! That's my job! I totally would have noticed that. Fine, I'll go with "how the heck to do they hear Katsuhira so clearly if there's no microphone near him?" to be Chidori, right? Also, Chidori's emotional pain triggers and Katsuhira (who is normally very receptive to emotional pain) doesn't notice it. How does he not realize he's being watched?

This terminology..."get back your pain", "I am within you"...does that mean that Katsuhira's pain is locked within Sonozaki? Has she been feeling his pain every time he allowed himself to get hurt? That would actually be a pretty interesting development because Katsuhira would be forced to re-evaluated everything. actually reasonable.

Oooohh pretty colors... Katsuhira remembering his first encounter with Sonozaki? Or did she give him that speech when they were kids as well? Because he should have still had his pain back then, right?

And then Chidori walks in.

Haha! Got it! They all left at different times, so Tenga was able to calm himself down long enough for Chidori to get there and see this.

We interrupt this brokenhearted Chidori scene to give you...brokenhearted Nico!

Upgrades again! I'm curious about Sonozaki in this scene, though...the way she describes their experience. Perhaps Chidori's descent is mirroring something that happened in the original group of friends. Maybe Sonozaki fell for Katsuhira and started transmitting her painful thoughts constantly to the children, causing that memory that Katsuhira just saw.

The fact that everyone's thoughts are starting to leak out seems to suggest otherwise. It's still possible that our main characters are still mirroring what happened to Sonozaki and Katsuhira, but probably not for exactly the reason I guessed. Maybe something like this happened to the kids and Sonozaki took all of their pain away to save them.

Not even Maki and Yuta are immune!

This is starting to look more like the memory. Take their pain, Katsuhira! There's also the revelation that Katsuhira can't actually feel all of the pain everyone else is feeling. Does his position in the Kizuna System mirror Sonozaki's position? Is there a leader in it? Or is it just a continuation of his lack of pain perception? Remember that right before everyone gathered in the rain, they all felt the emotional pain of Katsuhira, so he theoretically should be capable of feeling their pain.

Final thoughts: The drama level in this episode was exceptionally high, but what do I really expect? I think the mirroring of Katsuhira's limited memories of his childhood with the events of the present day are very interesting from a speculative standpoint. I'm glad they decided to go "screw the pairings" and just jumble all of the love targetsĀ into a mess...makes things more interesting.

So what's the general consensus? Are we blaming Chidori or are we blaming Katsuhira?

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