Big Order Episode 8: Just when I thought it couldn't get more crazy...

I refuse to believe this. Let's say there's someone who used an Order to plant the false memory of Gennai's death into Sena's brain. If my understanding of neuroscience is correct, her brain should have found an explanation for this rather than leaving this glaring inconsistency that allows her to realize it's a fake memory. And even if I'm willing to believe that the brain doesn't in fact do that, you expect me to believe Sena hasn't noticed this inconsistency up to now?

Wait...what? I're the expert, but I say that pentagram looks nothing like the coil. Maybe you mean to say that this formation produces the same effect as the coil, but in a natural way, which is more acceptable...but how do you even know that?

Even the translator has given up on this show...

I believe that. Sounds easy!

Sure, we needed to see this...filler in a 10-episode series.

Anyone else have a hard time believing that in this world post-Great Destruction, the press works exactly the same way as it does in a regular world?

You just came to the realization that your memory of your father's death was altered, right? Why is it not a stretch to think that this memory is also altered? How can she be so certain that her memories of her father are correct?

Aaaaaaand Sena goes back to be being the damsel in distress. She was almost useful.



I'm not even paying attention to what these people are saying anymore...just wondering how Eiji isn't dead from losing this much blood. Also, this series cuts off Eiji's limbs like it's Star Wars.

One of these days, Eiji will use his power on his opponent instead of randomly punching like of these days.

And we're still not going to explain to you why Hiiragi can heal Eiji after the battle is over, but couldn't heal Kamimusubi.

Whoa...wait...wha- I- uh- er- wha-?

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