Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 8: Snake? Snaaaaaake!

Yeah, only in anime would they make this assumption for two people with such vastly different hair colors.

Rooooooll credits.

My reservations about this show aside, I actually like this scene quite a lot. They're giving us these scenes with Biba that clearly show that he's a man of the people, willing to step in and help the standard commoner. Couple this with Ikoma's growing suspicions of his true character based on experiences with Mumei and we have a good setup for a reveal. I'm totally okay with this.

Coming from the praise I just gave the last scene, this scene with the "oh, I wasn't aiming for you" gag is actually pretty facepalm-worthy.

While it's true that Biba's level of thinking doesn't really work in our current society, it might actually be reasonable in an apocalypse. For the whole "standing up and fighting" thing, though, I'm a bit more skeptical.

Why exactly do the Kabane turn around here? In previous episodes, Ikoma had to cut himself to make this happen.

Okay, this is kinda awesome. The action sequences finally return!

We're given this circular arc animation which makes it look like the old guy tried to fight back, but then Biba just stabs the guy in the next scene...I feel betrayed.

This is a very correct line of reasoning from Ikoma given the fact that Mumei said she was never bitten...I'm starting to like this guy. It also explains the "operation" thing from the beginning of the episode that was tripping me up.

Totally not sketchy...not one bit. And yet Mumei just goes with it...

Haha tricked!

I understand why Mumei has to be brainwashed by Biba, but watching her act brainwashed is actually quite painful...can we just skip through this part?


Well, it looks a lot like Biba is going to be our last boss for the series. Based on the preview for next week's episode, it looks like he'll make his move quickly, so we can get through the whole "conflicted Mumei" phase. This episode was alright...I'm glad the characters seemed to be quick to suspect Biba's actions. Plus, the fact that Ayame deduced so much from Mumei's request for the master key seemed somewhat uncharacteristic of her...in a good way?

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