Kiznaiver Episode 8: Such a romantic, stormy evening!

This is not creepy at all...not even in the slightest. The screens look pretty monochromatic, so how are they able to talk about the color that was activated?

Also, I'm assuming PEA is phenethylamine, which I believe is a neurotransmitter that acts like an endorphin (which cause euphoria), but it's clearly put here to act as technobabble to the regular viewer.


Okay, I'm starting to regret that I said I liked this scene because they KEEP SHOWING IT TO US.

It's almost like you're in an anime!

This scene gets my hopes up that Nico has been removed from the group.

Also, random note about this entire scene: I actually noticed the rain sound effect throughout the that normal in anime? It actually sounded somewhat correct.

Uhh...okay. Thanks for that? I don't fully agree with this statement, but sure...go with that.

I also agree that sharing pain is much easier than sharing emotions, since pain is easier to isolate in the brain.

I really hope I don't sound like this when I'm rationalizing. Also, Katsuhira should have figured out by now that he's one of the original Kiznaiver test subjects, right? If the rest of the subjects are alive, does that mean they've been the Gomorins? Part of the committee?

I...can't disagree with this statement.

Wait...they're going to split them up into romantic units? But what about the fan pairings?

Well, this one was obvious, so that's not fair.


I'll just leave this here.

Freaking "positive emotion" casuals, am I right? Hisomu might actually be an interesting character if he continues to be the perceptive "odd man out".

Smooth, buddy. Real smooth.

Dramatic thunder and lightning before something important!

Okay, I get that Sonozaki is supposed to be the ultimate cock block for Chidori, but how does this scene make any sense at all? With all of the rain and thunder, you expect me to believe that Katsuhira was able to hear Sonozaki's footsteps from underground? And then what? He just decided he needed to run to her? The other explanation is that Katsuhira's memories of his childhood were just randomly triggered, which also doesn't make any sense because there was no clear trigger.

I'd say this week's episode was a weaker one than the recent episodes. Most of it was the researchers effectively confirming all of the fan pairings and talking way too much about the previous experiments. Anyway, it looks like next week's episode will finally explain Katsuhira's past with Sonozaki. The fact that she has the Kizuna System tattoo seemed like an important reveal this week even those we already pretty much knew that she had it. So...what will they make of it?

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