Big Order Episode 7: It's all so shocking!

On the bright side, Eiji starts off the episode by not being a complete idiot. That's a positive, right? Now we give Hiiragi the perfect opportunity to give some ridiculous reason why his power won't work.

Also, I like how they just confirm Kamimusubi is dead from last week's episode like it's a side note.

This...doesn't really pass as dialogue. The way that they casually let this guy tell Eiji that he might not have caused the Great Destruction is actually frustrating.

Interesting...usually research is a discovery of the mechanisms of reality, so I guess the reason Hiiragi's wish involves rejecting reality involves hating his obsession with research?

Using a coil to harness a new kind of energy? Where have I seen this before?

The light! It's like it's coming from two different places!

Side note: Hiiragi mentions that after "some day", Gennai's personality changed. Was it after the creating of Daisy? Or was there some tragic event that led to the creation of Daisy?

So...his wish was that the reality of Gennai was a lie? Fair enough.

I would say that this Daisy timing was really convenient, but she proceeds to completely derail Eiji from his train of thought with Rin's message, so it's really just a distraction. long has she been able to control light? You mean they could have made the very easy joke that the light beams were coming from her power? Come on, man! You had the perfect opportunity!

I'm guessing this is forced irony from the writer...the one who controls light is useless without her vision. However, if you knew anything about how nearsightedness works, you'd know that it's caused by light refracting incorrectly when it enters your eye so that it focuses on the wrong know, something that a person with the power to control light would probably be able to fix pretty easily. Just saying.

The scene where the ribbons come out of her hair is dramatic and all, but it begs the question of why the ribbon wasn't already untied from her first shot.

To me, this scene is everything that's wrong with this episode. You have Iyo, who can see the future, and her only appearance in this entire operation is just to tell the audience that Hiiragi will lose.

Guess what? All of your planning was pointless!

Aaaaand betrayed.


Everything you know is a lie! Well, the opening animation did seem to suggest Sena had a larger role to play in all of this, so I'm not all too surprised. The "good girl" demeanor is a bit weird, though.

In case you haven't been paying attention, let's make Rin spell it out.

So what am I supposed to take away from this episode? Sena's not actually dying? She's the real reason Kamimusubi is dead? Is it because she wanted to continue to use her impending death against Eiji? I mean, I think Sena becomes a lot more interesting of a character if she has no Order because it would mean that she's the protagonist this story actually needed.

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