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So...this is the first post on the new blog. What's so special about this blog? Well, I created it (sort of). If you're not interested in reading as I babble about what I'm doing with this blog, skip down.

Random babble

My history with my blog has been somewhat of a progression to this. I started as most do with a free Wordpress blog. After a while doing that, I decided I wanted to learn about hosting and owning my own domain. Working with Wordpress is pretty convenient and I spent most of the time in the new setup learning about how to run a server. I definitely feel like I've grown as a result. Now, it's time to take another step and start building the blog part myself.

While my old blog was coded in PHP via the Wordpress framework, I didn't actually do much PHP to it. Sure, I messed with some templates and whatnot, but very little PHP coding was done, which is why I'm not attached to the language. So, I decided which language I wanted to use (I chose Python), then I chose a framework to build the website. I know that things like Flask and Bottle exist and I'm certainly interested in them, but I chose Django because I'm probably not skilled enough to handle all of the work of building a website just yet.

For the time being, the site is being hosted on Heroku, but I'm working on moving it to my own personal hosting for the future. Deploying to Heroku was just an easy way to hit the ground running and test functionality without having to worry too much about the environment.

Back to the good stuff

As you may expect, I'm not exactly the most experienced web developer in the world, so a lot of this blog will be a learning experience for me. I've been toying with this idea for a while and finally decided that the only way to get this experience is to just put this out there and let you lovely readers find all of the bugs for me.

Don't worry, anime fans. The main topic of this blog has not changed. I'm still an anime fan and I will still post about anime like I did before. However, I want to also write some posts about this blog and how I created it in the hopes that it will both further my understanding of web development as well as entertain anyone who is as interested in it as I seem to be.

Where are the old blog's posts? For the time being, back on the old blog. In case you haven't noticed, I wrote a lot of posts on the other blog and transferring them over to this blog would be no easy task. It's an option for the future, but it might be worth it.

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