Big Order Episode 6: Fusion!

Wait, didn't we find out that the guy behind everything was Eiji's father? Eiji of all people should be the one that recognizes him. Also, apparently the wish of dominating people is genetic.

Okay, sure. But you should still be able to recognize his appearance, Eiji. I mean, even if you truly believe he's dead, you could at least pretend like someone is using an Order to project his image or something. I'm not going to forgive you for being unable to recognize him so easily.

. . .

This is a great picture without context.

First off, what am I seeing here? Is this another diviner-type Order user that is canceling out Iyo's powers? Similar to how Eiji is being overwritten by his father. If so, that's way too convenient.

Also, screw you, Eiji. Iyo is holding the paper with the prediction right in front of you. Read it yourself. And don't tell me "only Iyo can see the paper" because she clearly handed it to Eiji to read a minute ago.

I'm going to pretend he's yelling with telepathy because voices underwater definitely don't sound like that.

I don't even know what's going on anymore.

Ignore the clouds in the sky...there's totally a light beam right here.

Yup, animation in this scene is totally drawing your attention to the ball bouncing up and down...

Also, when did Eiji put his shirt back on?

This apparently doesn't count as "dropping the ball".

Wait...didn't Eiji destroy the world when he was like 6? I know we saw a post-apocalypse school in episode 1, but doesn't this feel a little bit too "nice" to be a post-apocalypse school?

This is probably not a promise you should be making in a world where Orders that allow complete domination exist...

I'm willing to believe that it's actually true that Iyo's hand gestures are faster than words, but I have trouble rationalizing it. In order for this to work, Iyo has to read the message, translate it to the correct finger in her mind, and move the correct finger. Then Eiji has to sense the correct finger (remember he can't actually see the fingers, so he has to know from the relative location of the touch), translate the finger back to the a direction in his mind, move accordingly. Directional words, on the other hand, are things that we practice from infancy and would therefore be much more quick to translate in our minds. HOWEVER, the one advantage that this strategy gives is that Kamimusubi would no longer be able to hear their intentions and would have a harder time adjusting based on their actions.

Wow...Sony has been pretty successful in this post-apocalyptic world.

Have I mentioned how much I love that people declare what their Order does when they use it? It doesn't seem like lazy exposition at all!

She clearly says Eiji here in order to display that she wishes to become closer to him and unite their wishes like Kamimusubi suggests, but the subtitles here still put in the "sama". One job, guys.

...I have no words for this.

They just stand there and let this happen. It's not like they could have predicted it or anything, am I right?

Well, so much for saving Sena, I guess. If only Kamimusubi was standing behind Eiji, she would have been protected by the power of plot armor.

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