Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 6: Mumei joined your party!

Being Mumei is suffering.

Okay, this is pretty cool. Still, why exactly does the giant Kabane conglomerate have a big glowing blue spot on the chest where the Kabane weak point would normally be? Do some of the Kabane just randomly start glowing when they combine?

Mumei, you have that giant pipe lying on you...does it hurt? Solid question, Ikoma. Anyway, since it looks like Ikoma's going to be spending the entire episode freeing Mumei, I guess they have some time to talk and get to know each other.

Yeah, listening to how much these guys hate the Kabaneri never gets old!

Explain the plan to me, Ikoma. Are you really going to use the winch to yank this rock out to make it easier to move the other rocks? Because physics would suggest that the rock is going to immediately fall down when it gets loose and crush Mumei.

Luckily the rope snaps and Ikoma doesn't accidentally maim Mumei, am I right?

I'm assuming this is the moment when Mumei realizes the humans and Kabaneri can be friends? I'm just judging from the flashbacks she's been having.

Nah, it's just a flesh wound, buddy!

Well, that answers my earlier question about the glowing blue spot. Does that mean they have to hit the heart of that Kabane? Because if so, that's actually a pretty decent weak spot...it's not just a giant glowing blue thing that they can blast away with their cannon. I'm glad that the weak point requires actual precision to hit, but why make it glow in the first place? What do the Kabane gain by doing that?

Character growth! I still think it was forced, but I guess I'm okay with this.

Can we make this guy say "Yes!" and "Show me your moves!", so I can pretend he's Captain Falcon?

Hate it when that happens...

You can tell he's a swordsman in an anime because he wastes most of his time making cool poses.

The pulling of this level requires the removal of this shirt...pretty sure there's no one complaining, though.

It's unclear whether the heart of this Kabane is actually a Kabaneri or whether Mumei is just projecting the image of the Kabaneri on to the core to indicate that she has gotten over her insecurities about weakness. Both seem equally likely to me.

This...actually is how physics works.

This, however...sigh...

Hmm...fewer complaints this week, right? On to the next adventure?

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