Kiznaiver Episode 6: Insert bad save the cheerleader reference here?

Hey! They did this on Mayoiga too!

I can tell whether Ruru is just trolling Maki or she's laughing because she just proved Maki cares or something. The first option seems more interesting because it could be the precursor to Maki resenting her and "killing her". I'm glad they didn't decide to have Ruru fall there and reveal that as the reason Maki said she killed her...that would have been silly.

Interesting...this scene seems to suggest that the Kizuna connection evolves as the users will it. I suppose it's an interesting implication since emotional pain is usually more "in your head" than physical pain. How would you even detect that? Brain scans? They did mention something about potentially reaching "mind reader" status in the future, so I suppose it's plausible. Still, can a single human brain process 7 people's worth of inputs? I'm not saying it can't...I'm actually just curious about the answer.

I was worried my prediction from last week wouldn't come true since Chidori seemed to get over some of her insecurities involving Katsuhira...glad that was put to rest.

Actually a pretty good question. The answer definitely should be "no" because emotional pain can't really be categorized as pain, but still...not a bad question to ask. (He says "no", by the way)

And this is the moment she officially joined the team!

Presumably this syringe has something to do with the tattoo around Sonozaki's neck and the memory of her from Katsuhira's past.

Yuuta feels the emotional pain from the Kizuna system and looks outside to see Maki conveniently walking by the did he even know to look out the window when he felt the pain?

Yuuta also happened to know it was Maki's feelings he was experiencing? Wow, he must really like her.

Wait, really? Then what triggered Maki's pain? Why didn't the emotional pain trigger when she saw the editor or when he mentions the movie in the cafe? Instead, it activates when she happens to walk past the restaurant where Yuuta happens to be?

Does it count as a foot fetish if Yuuta can identify Maki from her ankles? I think it does!

So, there are two ways that I would think this story goes. The first possibility is that Maki feels responsible for the moment in which Ruru succumbs to her illness (or she euthanizes Ruru, which would be interesting). This is a pretty common development, though. The other possibility that I can think of is that Maki believes she has "killed" Ruru by stealing her work or something...some sort of metaphorical death.

This guy actually gives away her identity? Who does this? Heck, if this were America, she'd have already threatened to sue him by this point. Though, to be fair, that would give away her identity, so maybe she's holding that card.

He's so hip!

Ahh...good ol' cyber bullying. Always works.

Uhh...this is actually a pretty rational and decent way to look at this situation. I...couldn't make fun of this line if I tried.

This scene too...we're seeing initiative from Katsuhira.

AHHH! The "I'm not angry, just disappointed" line! No, Dad! I'm so sorry!

But seriously, this ending is pretty strong too. Katsuhira expresses his disappointment that Sonozaki gives them a mission that is completed so easily. Presumably, next week, they will truly "save" Maki and Sonozaki will pull some crap like "that was my intention all along". That would probably annoy me. But as it stands, I quite liked the episode. This series has been doing pretty well for me so far.

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