Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 5: Nothing could possibly go wrong!

Yay new weapons! Still, I have to get upset with the fact that they gave us the sound of the guns firing and then explained how the bullets worked instead just...showing us the entire sequence. That just feels lazy to me.

Uhh...the Kabaneri didn't show up in last week's fight until the very end? You guys were doing fine before then if you don't count the Wazatori.

Again...this sword had no problems against the Kabane except for the Wazatori. The only way this is an upgrade is if you coated it with the Wazatori's metal plate, which I highly doubt you did because there's no way there'd be enough material. Still, Kurusu needs a decent weapon, right? Man, I was hoping he'd make a gunblade...

Mumei is not amused.

Uhh...no. That would be you, Mumei. Weren't you listening to the kid before? These guys might be "bothering" the kids, but I doubt they're "scaring" them.

I'm pretty sure this is peer pressure.

Oh look...an old friend!

"You're only a weapon" cliche.

This whole "switching back and forth from the map and the actual location" thing that's happening in this scene isn't actually helping. If anything, it's a bit distracting to randomly switch so much.

facepalm Why would you say this?

You've made me weak! I only work alone! Where have I seen this development before? This entire scene makes me cringe...

So Ikoma is basically telling us that all of the unnamed characters are going to die in this operation...

...aaaaaand she goes to the boiler room, I'm guessing. THIS IS NOT HOW YOU DO FORESHADOWING.

Who's surprised here?

Part of me wants to forgive the boiler room thing because we get this action scene...I doubt the others could have contributed much.

Don't you hate it when that guy on your team aggros the mob?

No, Ikoma...you should be fighting. Let these guys do some of the work.

I'm so shocked right now...seriously, look at my face.

I thought they were joking when they mentioned the Black Smoke earlier. The Kabane actually combined? That's so random...

Seriously, who writes these episodes? Usually I'm pretty neutral, but this week's episode was infuriating.

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