Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 6: And so it begins

This guy takes his diary really seriously. Anyway, despite how much screen time he's had so far, I guess this week's episode is focused on Doppo Poet.

Is this pose even possible? Anyway, don't do shrooms, kids.

"Investigate the anonymous tip"? Yup, this is a series about superpowers...

Four years before he starts finding a wife and he wants to marry his wife six years after the first date? How old is he going to be by then?

Oh boy! A haunted house mystery!

Okay, first of all, this girl in the water tank is immediately suspicious to me because she plays the damsel in the distress so early and gets saved too easily. Usually these people are trying to play the card in order to lead the investigators off the trail. Secondly, I have a problem with how this scene is presented. The screen fades to black as Doppo fires two gunshots at the tank and we come back later to see the girl outside of the shattered. Here's my issue...the first gunshot definitely would have broken the glass, but instead of hearing the sound of shattering glass, we hear the second gunshot. There's no way he fires the second shot before the glass breaks, so it sounds to me like whoever was in charge of this scene decided it would be too much work to add in the sound of breaking glass or animating the scene at all.

This man is a natural investigator.

I'm guessing this camera pointed at Doppo indicates that he's actually going to be the next target despite the jokes about the victims with glasses from earlier? Also, holy crap...a 5.5 TB drive on this camera?

Wait...did the person on the other end of that camera send this photo to the newspaper? Why?


Typical...he doesn't tell anyone in the audience or the cast because there needs to be a dramatic reveal.

Well, that's no fun. This is the first episode of Sherlock all over again.

Interesting...it looks like someone with influence put him up to this.

First off, these guys show up just as the taxi driver says that he kidnapped someone from the Port Mafia. Secondly, they clearly have the jump on these guys trapped in the taxi, but still manage to miss everyone with AUTOMATIC WEAPONS.

Good thing taxis are bulletproof! Everyone knows that!

There was a mention of an "Azure Messenger" earlier too. Now an Azure King? I'd be more invested in this revelation if I understood what these guys were supposed to be.

Well, it makes no sense to mention the five dead detectives unless they're somehow related. So either one of them survived or there's a relative yearning to get some revenge.

No problem! But yeah...something for next week.

I'm sticking with my suspicion of the girl in the water tank. The preview continues to make her look suspicious. I might be jumping on the obvious suspect here, but that's where my mind is going.

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