Mayoiga Episode 6: The culprit!

Yup...cutting away from the scene we actually care about...I'm not too surprised. Also, Masaki has surprisingly strong survival knowledge...unless you expect me to believe that everyone in this group is a Wikipedia regular.

Random Lovepon distraction. Also, let's see how this show tries to make me forgive Lovepon for how annoying I find her character. I'm pretty confident it won't work, but let's see.

Oh ho...such an evil guy forcing Lovepon's mother to help him scam Buddhist followers!

So...he's the jerk boyfriend for the divorced/widowed mother? He doesn't seem like the father, so I'm just guessing. Also, I think Lovepon was sitting near a similar staircase in the opening song, so I'm guessing this is important.

You know, I'd say something, but I'm pretty sure I'm the same kind of neighbor...not my problem, right?

Yeah, this is smart. Also, could Lovepon see her mother from the door? Because it seemed a lot like she decided that covering up this doodle was more important than checking on her mother. So...not forgiven yet.


I guess we're starting to be introduced to the sounds that each character is hearing when everyone screams "bear". I'm not sure why that's significant, though...I could have guessed without hearing them that they each heard the thing that they hate or fear the most.

Don't you just hate drivers that don't pay attention to the road? What was even in that bag? It sounded like bones cracking...heck, if I were driving and I heard that, I'd stop and check what I hit.

Accurate representation of the average American (minus a few pounds).

And so it begins...seriously, we don't even get a break from this in her flashbacks.

...what? That's a giant boob, right? I'm not seeing things, right?

Wait...what? Run that by me again?

I never do this at work and I never trust people who do.

My initial reaction to this was "jeez, man...if you're going to typo, at least put 21 instead of 20 so it looks like you switched the numbers". But then I remembered how Japanese numbering works. In Chinese (I'm assuming Japanese does the same), 20 is represented with the literal translation "two ten" and 12 is represented with the literal translation "ten two". The only problem with this explanation of the typo is that the email that he checks shows Arabic numerals. (maybe it's the confirmation email sent in response to his? But why would he look at that to confirm his suspicions and not the email he sent to them?)

Is there any reason these people are laughing at him? They should be yelling at him for failing when they decided to put their faith in him.

Lovepon's watching too much television if she thinks that falling down these stairs will kill him.


Is mass hypnosis a thing? I suppose it could be. I thought he might have meant "mass hysteria" instead, but that makes no sense because everyone would have seen the same thing.

Typical anime character running away from the train by following the tracks...

Young girl arrives with the monster? Definitely Masaki. I was looking at the opening song today to confirm my suspicion about Lovepon and the stares and I noticed this:

That's enough evidence for me. Either that or she's the misdirect.

Okay, everyone immediately started suspecting Masaki, so I'm going to have to guess she's the misdirection. It's too early for a culprit, right?

The monster that is chasing Mitsumune and Masaki seems to be a combination of the fears of the two. If Masaki was really the culprit, would she even be affected by whatever is causing them to see it?

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  • Schrodingers Cat

    May 8, 2016, 6:33 a.m.

    it's not a giant boob... you're just a hopeless pervert...




    May 8, 2016, 7:28 a.m.

    actually...considering his past of having silicone implanted in his head, it kinda...


    Schrodingers Cat

    May 8, 2016, 11:40 a.m.

    Accept the fact that you are a hopeless pervert! We've known all along!!



  • YahariBento

    May 8, 2016, 7:43 a.m.

    • If Lovepon lives together with her mother, then why does she come to this village? Could it be her mother is d*** or still lives with that monk?

    • Koharun suspects Masaki but I'm the one who suspects Koharun. Why is she so sure that Masaki is her real name, not alias? In her documents, there's no any pic of Masaki. If she is so sure Masaki is missing girl, could it be she get info before come to this village then? If so, I think Koharun is the one who should be suspected for many reasons. Another reason is like Mikage said, remember she wait for everyone at the checkpoint before go to village alone? Why did "a girl" wait there alone? She is a brave girl who can stands there alone and waited everyone many hours? Why did she not come with everyone in the bus?

    • Koharun holds too much info for herself because she checked info about that girl and info about that village, and still shut her mouth. Koharun is not a good person if you ask me, she senses this village is abnormal because of that song but never warn everyone before come to this village. I think she wants to check this village so badly but everyone's safety is nothing. I know a girl would not go to this kinda abnormal village alone so she drags everyone too is not a good sign at all. If the abnormality of this village still haunts everyone, someone will be insane and blames her to be a fault for sure. And I will be waiting for Vakana to save this bad girl from any harm. Cute girl must be protected.



    May 8, 2016, 7:50 a.m.

    • i mean...everyone was breaking ties to join this expedition, right? she might have gotten fed up with her mother defending the monk for the money so much

    • i found that odd too...they found the link to the culprit and instantly decided masaki was the same person...made no sense

    • yeah, i kinda understand the koharun suspicions, but ive been slow to suspect her myself...something just feels off about it


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