Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 4: Time for the real story to start?

The people of this world confuse me so much. They're so paranoid about Kabane that they will label people as Kabane at the slightest indication, murdering them without prejudice to save themselves...yet they somehow care so much about this pregnant woman that they all turn on Mumei for killing her. I get the feeling some of you will say "oh, but Marth, you monster! Think of the baby!" And I am...but why wouldn't a society so paranoid consider that the infected mother would infect the baby? Do people not know how umbilical cords work?

I didn't get the chance to ask this last week...how does an American reach Japan in this world? Do they have air travel in this world? Or is there a giant train track that crosses the Pacific Ocean? Either way, I get the feeling this guy's Engrish is going to get annoying really quickly.

This picture without context. Go nuts.

The train is ours!

...that's discrimination?

Even the girls fall in love with Mumei.


Are we sure the Kabaneri are the good guys? These Kabane showed up at just the right time to prevent the humans from disconnecting the train car carrying the Kabaneri...seems pretty fishy to me.

Special infected! I guess it would be too easy if they were all just mindless zombies.

Ahh...nothing makes a fight seem more epic than a shaky still picture of the battle with gunshot sounds in the background.

Someone explain to me how this bow works. It looks like the engine (steam engine?) triggers the spinning of a gear which reels in the bow string and pushes the arrow forward. I'm willing to accept this, but it means that Ayame should be letting go of the bow string BEFORE pulling the trigger and activating the steam. A bow string is always kept taut, so the second the gear starts spinning, the string should start moving, meaning that holding on to the string only acts against the force pushing the arrow. Also, I'm pretty sure the bow string would pull against her hand, injuring her in the process. Does a composite bow even need a steam engine to propel the arrows anyway?

I think the expression is "I wouldn't do that if I were you"...either that or "You shouldn't do that."

This guy is clearly in front of Ayame when he kills himself and ignites the barrels of gunpowder.

However, the hole he creates is suddenly right next to Ayame for some reason. How does this not kill her?

Haha this is awesome! And say what you will about Kurusu's behavior, his battle scene is pretty sweet too. Ikoma on the other hand...sigh...

This looks too far off to the side to be a lethal blow. How considerate of the Wazatori.

This counts as a confession, right? Also, I'm curious how Mumei would have fought the Wazatori. We saw from the battle scene just now that Kurusu's blade didn't have enough force to penetrate the Wazatori's heart, meaning that it will be revealed that Ikoma's enhanced gun is the only thing that can do the job. I guess he could have just given it to her...

Luckily, Kurusu was just stabbed in a nonlethal manner, so I'm sure you could use his blood. Also, why is there a hole at the top of the train? The gunpowder barrels were on the ground on the side, so an explosion that could affect the ceiling should have taken every on that side of the train out (specifically the ground under the barrels).

Or that.

Wow...this guy went down pretty easy. He even gave Ikoma enough time to monologue before landing the final blow.

Wait...Ayame was just bleeding on the roof of the train. How did she climb back down the ladder and get herself bandaged up in the time it took Ikoma to jump through the hole and shoot the Wazatori?

Look! A picture of a healthy baby saved by Ikoma's actions! You forgive us for killing the pregnant woman's baby, right?

The last time we saw this key was when it was being used by those guys outside the train that got attacked by the initial wave of Kabane. How did we get it back? Don't worry about it...

And so the team is assembled! Episode 1 is over!

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