Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 5: I can't tell whether Dazai or Rampo is the real detective

In case you forgot how easy the battle was last week, here's a reminder!

And here I thought there was some special way to get the marble out of a Ramune bottle. This must be what all the kids do...

Phrasing feels awkward to me here...I think the quality of the sentence goes up if you change "don't have" to "don't even have".

This insult also feels awkward. In normal circumstances, deductive reasoning is something that is built through experience, so it's a legitimate insult. However, this guy relies on his power to give him the answers, which is hardly the same as having a knack for deduction. Also, at what point does having strong deductive tendencies cross into the realm of having a power? How do they even tell the difference? I suppose Dazai could try to hold on to him and see whether he still can figure things out or something?

You can't just deduce it? Also, "smart guy has no common sense" cliche.

Ahh...water. Everyone loves using to wash away evidence.

Judging by the dramatic music and the slow reveal, I'm going to guess this is Dazai trying to drown himself in the river.


I don't understand why Dazai enjoys drowning himself so much. Isn't that one of more painful ways to die?

Time to show off!

I'm assuming this means Rampo has already solved the case in sixty seconds.

I'm guessing this is wrong because Rampo probably didn't know what the victim was investigating prior to death.

Okay, so the three shots to the chest are just meant to copy the Mafia's killing style. That means that the cause of death is actually something else...maybe strangulation or poison?

Uhh...maybe I've been watching too many cop shows, but usually when someone copies another person's killing style, it's to cover up a completely different type of murder. Is this guy assuming that the original cause of death was a single gunshot? How did he know that the cause of death wasn't two gunshots and the third was the cover up if you're going to go down that line of thinking.

"I'm guilty" face. That explains the gunshot thing...

A bit overly dramatic, don't you think? I can't believe she points the gun towards her instead of trying to point it at the sky. Plus, just how much to blame is this guy for the murder?

Oh, so it's not a power after all. I actually like this reveal...Ultra Deduction sounded like an awkward power to explain.

Sure...everyone knows that.

I can't tell what this final scene is trying to do. Dazai tries to explain what a genius Rampo is without an ability, but he deduces the major issues of the case without a deductive power of his own. Doesn't this make Rampo's deductive abilities seem less useful? Why is he the only detective in the agency if Dazai can do the same things? The only things Dazai credits to Rampo's skills are the knowledge of the murder location (which I assume involves knowing what's upstream, having a rough estimate of how far the body traveled, and having an idea of what abandoned place would be a good meet spot) and the knowledge that the victim was threatened by a gun (which is useful...why?). This hardly qualifies Rampo as a genius unless Dazai also qualifies.

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