Kiznaiver Episode 4: Summer trip episode

I guess this is further reminding us that this girl from Katsuhira's past is actually Sonozaki?

I was curious whether we were shown the Kiznaiver tattoo in the first episode, so I re-watched that first scene. The tattoo is visible, but I noticed something more interesting. In the first episode, Katsuhira runs out of the facility and sees the girl, watching helplessly from a distance as she jumps from wherever she's standing. However, in this episode, he is shown climbing up to try and stop her.

See? Either this is a different scene with her standing at the same spot or an inconsistency with the opening scene (because no one actually pays attention to the opening scene, am I right?).

Yup...see? Further reminder. They're really beating it into our heads...

I guess this is a fair question. It means that he won't be the kind of character that takes even your insults as pleasure like a certain annoying character that we all remember from last season...

I would be more curious about whether his brain just interprets pain incorrectly or he's the kind of person who has developed a warped view of pain, but that's the scientist in me talking. I'd be really worried if a character in an anime actually asked that.

Same here...

You don't know why you're all Kiznaivers? Obviously, this guy missed the "seven deadly sins" speech.

So this is how Japanese guys woo a girl? Uhh...

Oh come on, Chidori. These two were actually having an interesting conversation.

First off, lol this teacher. Secondly, the caption said "a few days later", but it was apparently enough time for Katsuhira to recover from hitting a truck and falling into a car.

Well, Yoshiharu is technically not a transfer student, so I can give him a break...that being said, he gets the magic seat, so who's the real protagonist in this series?

Uhh...what? How does no one react to this earlier? Most of them were looking in that direction and there's nowhere she could have hidden to approach them without notice. I understand Tenga's surprised reaction, but everyone else should have seen her coming unless she dropped from the sky.

Wait...why is this called a "competitive" eating challenge? It would only be competitive if there was another party that they were trying to beat. And they have to work together to finish the rice, so it's not a competition among themselves.


Please tell me this is one of those "Chinese food always makes you hungry again quickly" jokes. I thought it was pretty funny, but maybe I'm reading too much into it.

It's only awkward if we make it awkward, guys!

Ahh Shiritori...a translator's nightmare. Some translators try to get really creative with this, but I'm actually fine with what is done here.

So mysterious!

And so their fates were sealed...

Am I supposed to be worried about the fate of these two?

Something that's been on my the first episode, everyone was kidnapped and the Kizuna System was implanted into them. The reason that was given to them was in an effort to save Katsuhira who had been "gravely injured". However, at the time when Katsuhira was pushed down the stairs by Sonozaki, he didn't have the Kizuna System yet. So how could the system have saved his life if he couldn't redistribute the pain yet? Remember from a previous episode that they proved that ongoing/recurring pain doesn't trigger the system, so he would have had to have the system installed when he took the initial damage.

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