Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 3: Enemies

I get that humans are inherently fearful and whatever, but these guys just saved you hard in the last episode. Weren't you watching when Mumei cut down basically all of the Kabane? Yeesh...ungrateful.

What am I watching here? It looks like the pellet just bounced off the top of the rifle barrel. Why does that impress Mumei so much? DidĀ KurusuĀ angle his gun at just the right moment or something? It certainly didn't look like the gun fired.

What the heck does a schedule have to do with this train going to Kongokaku? It should be based on the direction the train is traveling, right? Unless you expect me to believe that they're just arbitrarily following some sort of schedule despite leaving the station in a panic.

If these wrapped things are anything like tamales, I'd be happy with getting one of these as a meal. What are these guys complaining about?

Uhh...the skin wrapped around the food isn't edible, right? Who cares if he grabs it with an oil-covered hand? It's like grabbing a wrapped burger from a fast food restaurant...no one would care how dirty your hands are (or at least I wouldn't).

Is this supposed to show that these two are siblings? Because if not, this scene is just super random. I mean...I guess there was the scene with this girl and the pregnant woman before, but isn't this going a bit overboard to show her as the protective mother type?

Is he even fast enough to do that? She moves around pretty quickly...

facepalm Sadly, I can't even ask "do people really think like this?" because I know they do...

So they actually need to keep the things around their necks to keep the Kabane virus in check? Do you honestly expect me to believe that this ribbon is enough?

Ugh...seriously? You're going to refuse to explain yourself here?

Also, is the fact that Mumei sensed a Kabane and couldn't find it supposed to indicate that there are actually Kabane that are smart enough to hide among the humans? I suppose that would explain the intense fear around the Kabaneri. Or maybe it's the simpler explanation...maybe the unborn baby is the Kabane (the episode seems to be focusing an awful amount of attention on this pregnant woman).

Enter random white dude.

Are these rocks going to be revealed as magic anti-Kabane rocks or something? Also, a pretty typical "I couldn't protect her" background story for this guy.

I'm fine with this.

Wait...is she the Kabane? The glowing thing looked like it was positioned around her heart, not her womb. But why couldn't Mumei figure out it was her if that's the case?

Mumei says something right here, but there's no subtitle. I'm not sure whether it's done on purpose because she repeats herself right after this, but it's the second time I've noticed that happening this episode. Anyway, Mumei does a pretty good job of transitioning between carefree, serious, and silly in this episode. Why isn't she the protagonist?

This is apparently enough to convince everyone...I feel like anyone really trying to trick them would have seen through Ayame's ruse pretty quickly.

These guys can't figure out whether they're vampires or zombies. Anyway, I'm guessing this is the reason that Ikoma passes out next to Ayame...he probably hasn't had any blood since becoming a Kabane. I wonder if it will make him lose his mental faculties and attack Ayame right when she trusts him most.

Yup. Still, why didn't Mumei realize this could happen if she left Ikoma alone?

More yup. Mumei's anguish at killing the baby along with the mother is also pretty cool. Seriously, why isn't she the main character?

Haha...this series is fun...

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