Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 2: Rise of the Kabaneri?

It's been a couple of weeks since we saw this series (blame nature?).

Haha this guy's face. This scene loses a decent amount of impact for me because we don't really know how people that have just been affected by Kabane tend to look. Is Ikoma's friend reacting to just a general change in Ikoma's appearance or does he see Kabane-like characteristics in Ikoma? All of the Kabane we've seen so far have the glowing eyes and glowing veins to clearly identify them.

I think you mean "bitten". Saying "I got bit" sounds like someone from southern USA. (I would know...I've been there)

Also, can we talk about this "virus"? You're telling me that if he stops the virus from going to his head specifically at the time of infection, the virus just spontaneously dies and he's safe from it? Given how quickly this virus dies, you'd think most people would have countermeasures against it. I also don't understand why they have such extensive measures in checking for the bites. If the virus acts so quickly, detecting the bite mark so long after it happens shouldn't be helpful at all. Surely, there are better indicators for turning into a Kabane once the virus hits the brain, right?

Time to casually introduce all of the main characters.

That seems like something you would check right before jumping into the mob of zombies. If you were a nameless character, you'd be dead by now.

Nice. The music makes this scene even better.

Given that the episode started with Ikoma shouting "I am a Kabaneri", does that mean his condition is nothing new? If so, I'd guess Mumei is another such Kabaneri.

Never underestimate human stupidity, kid.


But yeah...Mumei specifically says that Ikoma is "not a Kabane", rather than saying he's not infected or that he's human, which further suggests that she has a similar condition.

Well, Mumei looked pretty cool in the first half of the episode, but I'm somewhat glad that she has a drawback. It also explains her obsession with how much time she took to kill the group of Kabane.

If you look at the rings on the other pipes, you'll notice that they are bolted down, but Ikoma is somehow able to attach this pipe back by hitting it like a TV set that's fuzzy. The show tries to distract me from this fact by having Takumi reveal that the pipe is really hot and that Ikoma has no heat sensitivity, but there's no way I'm going to let that slide!

This Kabane's elbow is going backwards...it gets a pass because it's a zombie, but still...


Well, he's dead now...series over!

In zombie language, I think this translates as "one of us! one of us!".

Haha that zombie did such a fancy spin move to just blow up against the water tank.

This is actually pretty badass...are we sure this guy is a main character? He's completely right, but can he really blame them? Given how close he is in appearance to a Kabane, they have way of knowing if he'll eventually lose his mental faculties and turn.

So in the first screenshot, the cable has barely enough slack and the train is moving. In the second screenshot, the cable starts getting dragged by the moving train. And in the third screenshot, Mumei jumps down to grab the cable, which suddenly has enough slack to allow her to stand still while the train is still moving away from them. That's not how cables work, guys.

I'm so shocked!

Did we hear the ending song in the first episode? It's pretty good.

It's funny how many holes you can poke at this series...time to watch it for the action, right?

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