Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 3: Well that escalated quickly...

I feel like this image will be useful in the future.

I'm so distracted by what's going on in the background. What is this guy saying? He's got a different personality than what he was displaying last week?

They said last week that this guy has a power, right? And he's only an assistant? Does that mean Atsushi will also be an assistant or is he a full-fledged member?

I was gonna make a joke about this girl's voice, but then I heard her laugh...holy crap wtf

I'm going to get tired of this eventually...but I'm fine with it now.

The school girl clearly wearing a school girl uniform was a school girl? No way!

So...basically saying it's safe to assume anyone under 18 is a student. He's not wrong, but still...look at yourself, man.

Doppa Poet wasn't a poet...sigh...

Oh right...I forgot this guy is poor. Anyway, if it were me, I would guess something silly...like "unemployed". But yeah, mostly likely Dazai's previous profession was something really important or just assassin.

The fact that he shows Atsushi the photo means that he will likely run into this mystery man during the mission (despite it being a "simple one").

I have problems with the way this scene played out. First off, this reaction of "is he the wanted fugitive?". I'm guessing the guy just happened to remember it from seeing his face before, but the timing makes it seem like Akutagawa refreshed his memory by saying he was "found out already". Also, Akutagawa walks in to the police station with a post of him sitting right there on the front of the counter and praises them for figuring out who he is? Is it really that impressive?

Oh gee...I wonder if this girl is going to find the officers dead and scream while the scene fades to black.

Close enough. Also, what kind of power is Rashoumon? Sounds like a Digimon.

Follow me into the dark, empty alley, kids! I have candy!

Wow, I legitimately didn't see that coming. Time for the show to reveal exactly what kind of show it is. I was honestly expecting the mafia lady to miss for some stupid anime reason. Then again, this is a series with supernatural powers, so...reverse time? Resurrection?

Is this the "join us because you cause suffering" speech?

Cool-looking ability, but the description is a bit vague. Is Rashoumon some mythical beast from Japanese lore that I'm supposed to know about? Or is he the generic "stronger than all things" creature for this series?

I agree, Atsushi. That move was pretty impressive considering how useless your ability is in these situations. Too bad you were up against the final boss...

Sure, that seems plausible. Holes in space totally act like walls...

So he's not useless after all! Also, I should ignore the obvious "red vs. blue" signs, right?

We did it for the money! I'd be more interested in who would put out a bounty like that on Atsushi.

There's hope for this series, right? Atsushi can be useful!

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