Kiznaiver First Impressions (2): Mission complete!

Oh ho ho! This guy looks so rich and powerful practicing golf in his free time! I'm guessing this is the introduction of the people overseeing this project? They all look pretty cozy.

Maybe I'm being too picky, but I really hate this gag. She insults the food he's about to eat, he gets upset that she insults his food choice, and then he admits to her criticism. It's not funny at all and honestly just annoys me at this point.

Yeah, I hate waking up with random tattoos that I can't get off too. Try club soda...I hear that gets everything off.

Well, that's new...

I know he doesn't feel pain, but I feel like this should at least illicit more of a reaction than this. (you might not be interested in the paragraph below but I’m a neuroscientist, so I have to say it)

I believe in typical cases, insensitivity to pain is caused by the brain being unable to process the stimuli that gets sent from the pain receptors. If that's the case, his response makes sense. His body twitches in response to the pain, but he doesn't vocalize much response because his brain doesn't perceive it as pain. However, if his brain can't process pain, it shouldn't be able to process any kind of pain, including the type of pain that the Kizuna System stimulates. I'll have to pay more attention to his response to the pain of others (he theoretically shouldn't react to their pain).

I'm pretty sure this same exact scene is used twice (this is the second time).

I'm guessing she's asking for their "sin", right? Also, none of the characters can see Noriko, but Chidori makes the same hand motion in front of her chest because...well, what else would she be talking about, right?

I get the idea of this scene because it's meant to show that Katsuhira is learning these "new feelings of pain", but like I said before (in the paragraph you probably didn't read), I don't think he should be feeling pain at all.

Oh, so they're just supposed to tell their deepest, darkest secret? That's easy! That being said, can she really reward them for the "correct answer" if she practically forced it out of him?

Does it look like it did?


Woohoo! I'm weird! Happy day!'s actually impressive.

Katsuhira is just not having a good day...

Romance over! She chose! Let's pack it up, guys...

Oh no! I totally believe these characters are going to die!

Air mattress aside, I'm pretty sure Chidori landing on top of Katsuhira should have hurt. It wouldn't have been much divided among six people, but it definitely would have hurt.

Is this is a foot or a hand?

First off, how can the mission be clear if everyone hasn't spoken yet? We're still missing one, right? And secondly, what the heck is this southern ranch-style music playing in the background? I thought I left that stuff behind when I moved north.


This episode was pretty funny. When "self-introduction" flashed on everyone's wrists, I thought the first mission was fluff to introduce the mission aspect of the Kizuna System. But this episode really did make the introductions feel like a real mission. Now the question remains: will the missions continue being centered on the group or will they actually have to work together to get stuff done?

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