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Big Order First Impressions (1): Destroy the world

I've been meaning to read the manga for this series, so I guess this saves me a little trouble...right? Despite being interested in the manga, I really have no idea what happens in this series, so let's see how this goes.

Admittedly, this is not how I pictured this series starting...

How many times do they say the word "wish" in the first two minutes? Is this supposed to feel dramatic? Because it's not working for me.

Why were the burned picture and the burned doll on the nightstand next to her hospital bed? She looks perfectly fine for someone who was likely injured as a result of whatever damaged those objects. Are her legs burned under the blanket? Is she paralyzed? This is likely going to be a tragic reveal later.

I'm not going to read all this...

So based on what I'm getting so far, an "Order" is someone who has had their wish granted by the girl from the beginning of the episode. As a result, they probably gain some sort of supernatural power. What I don't get is why this guy's wish of world destruction was the first one that was ever granted. Are there conditions for being offered the wish? Also, if he wished for world destruction, the world should know, destroyed. While it's true that things look bad, the world itself looks pretty okay as a whole. Stupid genies and their awkward wish interpretations...

I sure hope they have a good reason for naming them "Orders"...because I'm starting to think the only reason they were named that was so that the author could make this "NO ORDER" sign. Was it worth it?

I think the worst part of this setup is that we learn that Daisy granted the random wish of a kid who probably didn't even know what "world destruction" meant. Seriously, who designs a system like this?

Well, the fact that "world destruction" wasn't Eiji's true wish certainly explains why the world isn't destroyed. But Daisy decides to tease him and us, the audience, with the true power so we have to sit around and wait until the end of the episode when Eiji will likely figure it out himself.

At least try to make up a believable lie, buddy...

Given that he said that he was mimicking Evil Ranger when he made the wish and this commercial makes no sense otherwise, I'm guessing his real wish has something to do with this.

I feel like I should be pissed off that even in a post-apocalyptic world, the only way these people know how to introduce a character is by making herĀ a transfer student in a school. Also, that sound effect at her entrance sounded pretty ominous...

...and now I understand why everyone compares this to Mirai Nikki.

Oops. That was easy! (I know that she's probably not dead...they wouldn't go through the effort of introducing her as a transfer student unless she was an important character)

I think the fact that she's dead in your apartment gives that away too, buddy...

Either these guys are the other main characters or the main organization that will oppose the main character. My guess is the latter, but we'll see.

She is so dead...

I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that's not how a normal person reacts to being stabbed. She barely made a sound...

Sure, I believe that one kid with a sign was able to take out two armored soldiers with guns. What really happened, Daisy?

This feels like the sort of power that would be really common...

Oh my god! I'm so surprised!

This line makes absolutely no sense. You wouldn't say it unless you knew somehow that he would survive the gun barrage, but you expect to be able to "finish him", which means you think the gun barrage had an effect. If you think the gun barrage worked, why wouldn't you expect him to be completely dead by this point?

Seriously? Daisy decided to make his range a cylinder and not a sphere like a normal person? This means he could theoretically control any random satellite that passes overhead too, right?

I'll just leave this here without context since they purposely faded to black: "It's going inside her!"

Anyway, something feels off about this series. It's intended to follow a boy who tries to become the embodiment of a clear anti-hero character, but fails miserably at being an anti-hero character. I just don't like the way he spoke during that final doesn't fit what he's supposedly trying to do.

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