Bungou Stray Dogs First Impressions (2): Guess that power!

Apparently, Kabaneri was delayed this week because of an earthquake in Japan...so yeah.

Aww man...this is going to be the start of every episode, isn't it?

Does this count as a "mysterious character somehow has your phone number" cliche? I know you're going to say "but Marth! Dazai clearly found out his phone number while Atsushi was sleeping!" to which I will respond "normal people lock their phones". But then again...flip phones...

Well, this one's definitely a cliche, but it's too complicated for me to give a clever quoted description. But we definitely know Atsushi will rush over expecting a dangerous situation when Dazai is actually just in some uncomfortable situation...probably the poet guy trying to force him to do something.

Oh I see...his legs are broken. That's the problem.

Can you really blame them?

I agree with this. How are they going to use Atsushi at all? He can only transform when he sees the moon (not sure if it's restricted to a full moon or if it allows moonlight in general) and there's no guarantee that he'll do what they want when he transforms. Dazai can force him to change back, but it makes his power meaningless. So it sounds like they just sick him on a room full of people and call it a day.

I actually thought this was a pretty funny part of the episode. Atsushi gleefully thanks Dazai for asking him to help with a case and then the title flashes on the screen as "A Certain Bomb", which will immediately make Atsushi retract his gratitude when he finds out.

This sentence feels incredibly awkward..."one and only" what?

facepalm That's not what I meant!

Haha he even does the voices. I wasn't even paying attention to the complaints themselves.

Oh no! Not the school girls!

Does this Janken match even accomplish anything? Of course Dazai isn't going to be the one doing the work, right? What use is his ability against a standard bomber? Maybe if Dazai had lost, he would have been the distraction (which honestly is the better plan).

I have no idea what's going on...

And he just sits and watches this. Seriously, though, what kind of name is "Doppa Poet"? There's no poetry involved (he only writes an object name) and the "Doppa" part is just his name. It's quite possibly the worst name for a power ever. Also, the bomber gives every indication that he's familiar with the people in the Armed Detective Agency, but doesn't force the poet to toss his notebook aside...for some reason.

facepalm The button only starts a countdown? Is this guy even trying to kill anyone? Heck, they could just throw the bomb out the window. At this rate, the next you'll tell me is that the bomb is a fake.

Yup...it was a test all along.

There's something I don't fully understand here, though. Dazai clearly told him about shielding the bomb, so does it really make sense to call Atsushi stupid for doing the thing that Dazai basically suggested he do?

Light Snow? What does he do? Blow cold air at people?

The culprit!

This series feels like it may be fun just because there are a number of things I can poke at...not sure what else to say about it, though. If it turns into another story where Atsushi is the generic "useless protagonist" in a group of super-powered freaks, I'll probably get bored.

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