Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 First Impressions (2): War begins

Not really much to say about this stuff at the beginning since Banagher is just introducing himself. I do want to point out the screen on the train, though...what the heck does "Local for Developing Quarter" mean? I'm guessing this is something that's actually in the anime itself and not a translation, but still...

I'm sure I'll remember this.

Haha Marida casually pops up in the background. That was really random.

Side note: In the previous shot, Audrey puts the handkerchief away after wiping her mouth, but she has it out again in this scene.

This is a surprising level of "human" fighting from a Gundam series.

I don't fully understand this line. If they're her comrades, why did they refer to her as a stowaway? She didn't stow away to get off the ship...she just walked out.

An unlocked door means "come on in", right? I thought everyone knew that!

A bunch of words and terms for which we won't get an explanation now...yay!

Uhh...not to judge, Banagher, but you just met her today. Plus, that other girl seemed plenty interested in you as well.

At least they give you the Char clone right at the beginning, right? That's something...

The enemy is here!

This guy is getting a lot of focus for a random pilot that dies...



Anyway, it looks like next week, we'll finally come around to the events shown at the beginning of the first episode. Unfortunately, I'm going to guess that it will happen at the end of the episode and we won't get to see the Unicorn Gundam in action yet...does this chain of events feel slow to anyone else? It made sense in the movies because the Unicorn Gundam activates at the end of the first movie, but I wonder how that translates into standard TV length.

I'm still on the fence about this series because I feel like I'm not doing enough having not seen all of the movies, so I've still got myself down as maybe on it.

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