Bungou Stray Dogs First Impressions (1): Powers unite!

Okay, everyone...another series that I'm going to watch knowing nothing beforehand. This series has been a "maybe" on multiple preview posts, so I feel like I'm obligated to at least watch the first episode.

Oh god, another cooking show. WHAT HAVE I DONE??

False alarm? My bad...

That aside, this line feels a little awkward to me. It's grammatically correct, but something about it makes it sound like he's actually sneaking into the kitchen with bowls of "tea on rice" smuggled under his shirt.

An orphanage rejecting an orphan? Why do I get the feeling they're going to have a really bad reason for doing this.

Wow...that's impressive. I'm pretty sure you have to be trying to have your legs out of the water like this.

See? I told you he was doing that on purpose. That being said, it's a pretty unreliable way to kill yourself. When he loses consciousness from oxygen loss, his body will relax and he'll go horizontal with a 50% chance of facing upwards, which would allow him to breathe and resuscitate himself. If you really want to drown yourself, you should do it on your stomach, so you remain submerged. Everyone knows that...right? It's not just me, right? I'm not crazy!

The humor in this series is actually not bad. It doesn't feel like it's trying too hard to be funny yet.

Okay, buddy...I get that your name is Dazai. No reason to randomly kick up the wind to make yourself look cool. Unless he actually has a supernatural ability to control wind that is being displayed here, I'm going to say this is trying too hard. I know supernatural powers are a part of this series, but I would expect his power should have something to do with his suicidal nature and wind just doesn't seem to fit that.

I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty sure that eating this much food while at the brink of starvation is dangerous...


Oh, he only knows the tiger? Based on the discussion about the agency of people with superpowers, I was going to guess that he was the tiger...it would certainly explain why he was kicked out of the orphanage.

Uhh...no. They wouldn't tell him that the world would be better if he died if they were just kicking him out to save money. They know why the tiger is connected to him.

That's one way to convince a guy to chase the tiger that's hunting him.

Spoilers! The guy kills himself at the end?

I'm getting tired of this scene repeating itself...it better be limited to the first episode.

He's looking at the moon, which means...he's a were-tiger! I knew it all along! But yeah, like I said...the orphanage's excuse of saving food made no sense and Dazai thought the same thing.

Ohh...that was easy.

That's a random way to introduce the other characters in the show. It's not hard to guess what kind of powers "Thou Shalt Not Die" and "Ultra-Deduction" are, but what the heck do "Be Not Defeated by the Rain" and "Doppa Poet" do? Maybe the first one is waterproof (which is a lame Aquaman-level power) or just general control over water? Or maybe it's fire that vaporizes the rain? The Doppa guy's power is obviously linked to the notebook he carries around, but his power's name has the least amount of clues. Does he control events? He was talking about a schedule earlier...

That's a convenient way to convince him that he has a power. Atsushi's power feels like it's going to be a liability...too many things are out of his control.

This series plays both the opening and ending song right next to each other at the end? Well, that's a convenient way to judge them back-to-back. Both songs are okay, but I put preference on the ED song mostly because of vocals. I prefer the singing style in the ED song over the OP song (and the music as well).

Note from the preview: looks like the Doppa Poet power is just manifesting whatever he writes in the notebook into reality.

Well, the series seems interesting so far. I'll probably stick around for the mystery element, but I'm wondering whether I'll get bored of it like I did with Hamatora. The shows seem somewhat similar.

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