Kiznaiver First Impressions (1): Share the load

I'm a little wary about this series going in, but let's see how it goes.

Is this supposed to be some sort of dramatic introduction to the series? Because the voice acting of these two kids is really distracting...

Engrish lyrics aside, I don't actually mind this song. The music has a pretty interesting "electronic" style...would you call it trance?

This is one of those "purpose of life" questions, right? Why bother coming into the world rather than stay safe?

I mean...mating and breeding is kind of the main goal of life, isn't it? It's effectively programmed into us, so it seems like a snobby thing to question why we do it.

Also, should the girl really be embarrassed? She guessed that the cicadas came to the surface to make friends, which is actually pretty close to the whole "mating" thing.

They're really selling the point that this guy is basically numb to life, aren't they?

Oh, so he really is numb to life? Weird...I thought that people who couldn't feel pain had a very high mortality rate, especially if they live alone like this kid probably does.

Haha nice facial expressions. Though I'm sure I'd be just as curious if I met someone who was numb to pain.

I don't mind the comedy in this series so far. Katsuhira backing up like this was pretty funny and unexpected.

Re-branding the seven deadly sins to introduce the main characters? I guess that works. Though, I didn't realize "goody-two-shoes" was a sin...I'm really hoping that it's actually something more logical in Japanese and the translator just didn't know what to use.

I don't understand these "sins". Typically, you would think of a sin as an act of evil...something you would choose to do. These new sins seem more like genetic characteristics (like mental illness in the case of the "eccentric headcase" or just plain lack of intelligence in the case of the "imbecile"). What parts of these traits make them sins?

This scene doesn't make sense either. Noriko claims that Katsuhira is bullied because other kids can't empathize with him and then we're immediately shown a flashback where bullies decide to leave Katsuhira alone because they get bored with his lack of "struggle". I think the flashback makes more sense. Katsuhira's lack of emotion would cause people to ignore him, not target him for bullying, so I really don't see what point Noriko is trying to make.

Please push him.


With a slogan like that, I don't see how the Kizuna System could be a problem.

I'm guessing she means that they were all gathered here in this city. Katsuhira met two of these people earlier in this episode!

Still, this begs the question...why these six people? Just because of their personalities? You're telling me they just randomly picked people who fit those "seven new sins"?

They believe this? They don't find it the least bit strange that he would jump backwards?

It's not murder if we kidnap 5 people and force them to save you, right? And for what purpose? Did she do this just to force them accept that they are part of the Kizuna System? Or was it to test that it worked?

I can already tell I won't like her...

They're infected! Oh wait...wrong show. One thing I don't fully understand is whether they actually mean "share the pain" or "share the wound". Sharing the pain seems simpler, since it doesn't feel like too much of a stretch of imagination to believe that they could transmit the pain signal from one person to everyone else. Sharing the wound is a bit more complicated...they'd have to physically replicate the injury on each person somehow.

The ending song is pretty good too. I don't really have anything special to say about it, though.

I really don't know about this many things felt awkward in this first episode. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it through...

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