Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress First Impressions (1): Steampunk zombies

Steampunk fans rejoice!

Oh dear...is this a generic zombie story? Also, are they going to spend the whole story travelling on this train? Is this Snowpiercer?

Is this really hardcore? I think the guys with the guns are wimps that don't want the blood of their comrades on their hands. If he's infected and a liability, at least have the guts to kill him before he becomes a monster yourself. The only other explanation is that whatever is in the suicide bag uses fewer resources than a bullet to the head, which is unlikely.

The poor man's OP animation...

So, based on what I've heard and seen so far, a steam bullet is a bullet propelled by the steam generated by the tanks strapped to the guy's back. What exactly constitutes a jet bullet? Is it just a generic term for a bullet faster than a steam bullet (presumably as fast as a jet) or is it a bullet propelled with jet fuel? I'm starting to get the sense that he came up with the name to sound cool.

Anyway, this scene sets up our main character, Ikoma, as the guy trying to create a new, revolutionary weapon for fighting these Kabane.

Uhh...am I nuts or does Ayame's right eye go off her face?

I think you mean "Two Hayajiros"...whatever a Hayajiro is. I'm gonna guess it means "giant train thing".

Wait...they throw the bitten and infected in jail? Uhh...the suicide bag from earlier begs to differ.

She says this while playing with a kendama to the guy who called her a kid? What point is she trying to prove by twirling it around her? Is she trying to tell me that she's actually 23 like all kids in anime?

At first glance, I was about to blame this situation on the guy who was killed, but I sat down and thought about it. By my understanding, there's a distinction between being found as infected and being accused of being a Kabane. So it seems like in this situation, the inspectors found this guy to be infected and the guy panicked, which the inspectors took as meaning he was a Kabane. If my understanding is correct, I think I would blame the inspectors for this one.

I'm gonna give the lord here the benefit of the doubt and guess that he's doing this so later he can tell Ikoma that he was "putting him in jail to protect him". There's no way he's stupid enough to actually believe the main character might be a Kabane because of his outburst.

This "single light from the dark" entrance is pretty suspicious and they already made a point of specifically saying that this second train came right on time. That probably means that this is the train that's infested with Kabane.

So the Kabane are blindly pulling levers and the people on the bridge just mentioned that they're going too fast. Explain to me how the train still managed to get here on time...

Side note: this can't be an isolated incident, right? If the Kabane are always attacking and both trains that arrived today were attacked, it shouldn't be unheard of for a train to be overrun by the Kabane. And yet, the only defense system in place is two guys at the gate with only about 5 seconds to react to the train once it comes into view from the tunnel. You'd think that these people would have some other countermeasure in place...like a checkpoint on the other side of the tunnel to scout the incoming train. But hey...plot!

Oh no! The situation looks bleak! Looks like a perfect time for Ikoma to miraculously complete his new piledriver and save the city!

Woohoo! Though, I would like to point out that there is an inherent problem in how close-range the weapon needed to be for this guy to use it. Was it just because he wanted to make sure he hit the heart and the Kabane was already on him? Or is it an actual limitation of the gun? Because it's only going to be useful if it can work at a distance.

He's going to survive this somehow...

PLOT ARMOR! And they're gonna give a BS reason why no one else does this.

EGOIST in the OP song? Sounds good to me!

Well, this series could be fun...who's with me??

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