Sousei no Onmyouji First Impressions (1): The prophecy foretold

Wow, this episode came out a pretty awkward time, but sure, I'll take a swing at it. As said before in my manga post, this is a show for which I am familiar with the manga. Sorry if I spoil things, but I'll try to keep my comments with manga knowledge at a minimum.

Don't worry, everyone! This series is totally for kids!

That pop-up sign on the right with the sound effect was video game-worthy.

I can't help myself on this one...with how far I am in the manga, I still don't know what this character does for the story.

HE CHO- to be Rokuro.

...really? facepalm

(Manga note: feel free to ignore) I'm pretty sure Mayuri doesn't get introduced like this in the manga. And she doesn't show up until much later.

This must be really confusing for first-time watchers, using terms like Magano and Kegare. I'm assuming Kegare means "impurities", which is the translation the manga uses and it's probably a good example of a time where a localized version makes more sense. Up until we get the explanation, it's hard to tell whether Kegare refers to the monsters themselves or some organization that's sending them. I know we'll eventually get an explanation, but until then, they really should keep the usage of these terms to a minimum because they just sound like babble.

Take this as a lesson, kids. If you're good at only one thing, but it causes you emotional trauma to think about it, you should do it anyway because it's what you're good at doing. What a wonderful lesson this series teaches...

Wow...that bridge looked smaller when he was standing on it.

(Manga note: feel free to ignore) In the manga, he jumps into the water after Benio instead of catching her and she walks out of the river by herself without his help. Rokuro also almost drowns because it's revealed he can't swim.

This map is apparently fine after falling in the water. It looks hand-drawn too, so it's particularly bad.

I were kinda asking for it by giving her your wallet instead of just handing her five dollars or something. On a different note, his wallet is also apparently fine after falling in the water.

I didn't notice it in the manga, but with the knowledge of Benio's past, I can see why this scene is here to introduce Benio's character a bit.

I really can't tell if this series is marketed for kids or for adults. This could also just be lazy animation, but I don't know enough to pass judgment on that.

You might as well have put "insert garbled ancient chant here", honestly.

"This is really deep" face.

So many references could be made here...I'm gonna go with "Burning Finger!"

I'm actually a pretty big fan of this...I guess "Oriental" style of music, but this song gets a "nope" from me. The introduction tries to jam too much stuff in and then the song basically changes styles when the main verse starts. It sounds like someone took a typical jpop song and decided to stick a shamisen (I'm just guessing on the instrument) in the background.

"I'm totally not evil" face.

As an adaptation, I'd say this episode was okay, but a bit off-putting. The Kegare had a "blurred" or "scratched" effect to them, which might have been intentional, but looked lazy to me. The character cards flashing on the screen to introduce the main characters are probably hit or miss and ended up being mostly misses for me.

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