Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney) First Impressions (1): Localization woes

I've seen some controversy about localized names vs. original names in the translation for this series. I honestly don't care either way, but I find the drama around it hilarious. Just to be a rebel, I'm going for the localized version. I also want to preface this post by saying I've never played any of the Phoenix Wright games, so I'm basically going in blind. TEACH ME ABOUT THE LAW SYSTEM!

Yeah, totally my first thought when I accidentally kill someone. At least, it looks like a crime of passion so far. People who have played the games, I have a question. Do the games have this sort of setup where the culprit is revealed immediately and you, as the player, must find the evidence that incriminates him for what you, as the audience, know he did? Or is this just the style the anime is taking?

Darn...if only his hair wasn't so memorable, he might have been safe from suspicion!

It's possible this guy just moved in, but I'm gonna guess that the mess in his apartment is meant to contrast his job as a lawyer (I'm assuming lawyers are supposed to be organized...real lawyers can correct me if I'm wrong).

Yeah, this doesn't look ridiculous at all. Anyway, this song is not really my kind of music. It somewhat reminds me of k-pop bands...definitely not something I'd listen to regularly.

Well, I wouldn't know. The only experience I have with lawyers is from watching Suits and that guy worked for a firm that did mostly civil cases. Also, I'm definitely going to forget Mia's name a couple of times...I can already see it.

I'm guessing this scene of the courtroom is fanservice for the people who played the game.

Oh hey...he's defending the guy who motivated him to become an attorney? That's pretty ironic. Either that or he just decided he wanted to become an attorney when Larry was arrested.

If I were Mia, I would think the more logical thing to ask here is "he's the reason you took this case?", given that she was curious why he was so keen on taking a homicide case earlier.

Hit in the head with The Thinker? This series is just dripping with irony, isn't it?

Weren't they doing opening statements? Why is this guy being called to the stand before the defense gives their statement? He says he wants to present his case, but I'm pretty sure that's the defense's job.

Well, I mean...he just said he gave her the statue as a gift, right? Why would she be holding it for the picture like that if she were cheating on him? That being said, I don't really mind this one too much because the judge has no reason to take Larry on his word about the statue being made by him.

Hmm...I wonder what the important piece of information from this testimony could be. It's a video game mechanic, so I can't really get upset about it. Honestly, I thought the important information would be the fact that he didn't go inside the apartment. That's the part I would probably focus on if I were examining him.

Yeah, I'd probably be like this in a court room...not gonna lie.

Is it really that brilliant, though? Why would you hand him only the autopsy report unless you knew it had the key to breaking the witness's testimony? It only makes sense if she knew about the time discrepancy beforehand and was expecting Phoenix to see it.

Okay, these overly-pronounced shock faces are cheesy as heck, but I still can't help laughing when I see them.

See? I told you the fact that he said he didn't go inside would be important! I just...didn't know the rest of the stuff...

Well, despite how obviously guilty he looks right now, the guy has a point. Also, apparently have a point gives you airbending skills!

My guess would be that it's off because of time zone differences. Japan is 14 hours ahead of New York's time zone, which would result in a time that is 12+2 hours ahead. The only reason I know this is because of my regular trips to China, so I'm used to a 14 hour difference. I also know Japan's time zone because I stop there a lot on the way.

This is the real reason we love this series, right?

Yes, we need this many police officers to arrest this one man...and Americans think police brutality is bad for us...

Woohoo! Confetti! I don't know why people say court rooms are so boring...

Must...not make...hairy butts joke...GAH!

Oh...the chief's dead already? Good thing I said before that I wouldn't remember her name...

I...actually don't have much to say about the ending song...not bad, but nothing too special. Pretty average song.

I was honestly surprised by this series. I wasn't familiar with the games, so I thought the experience wouldn't be much, but I found myself laughing at how outrageous a lot of the moments in the episode were. I might actually continue on with this one...

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