Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 First Impressions (1): Unicorns!

I was hesitant to cover this show because I didn't get all the way through the movies, but's a Gundam show. Why not?

I do remember this scene being at the very end of the first movie...and here it's the very first scene in the series. Now, we prepare for the series to cut away from this scene and wait two episodes to show it to us again, right?

I enjoy Hiroyuki Sawano's music as much as the next guy, but there's something off about this song at the beginning. Honestly, I feel like the fluttering electronic beat at the start of the song only sounds good at really high the quality of the video I was watching, it sounded really grainy and jarring. Also, the song feels out-of-place for a Gundam series. That being said, I think the singer actually does a good job. And when the music gets past the introduction, it's a really strong song.

Yeah! Take that, Jesus! It's not like we call it CE these days or anything...

Well, that fell apart quickly. That's what you get for ticking off Jesus!

...those guys are emerging just like the Sun over the horizon in the background, right? Ooooooh...

Space battles right from episode 1? I have to say...that's the main thing I missed in Iron-Blooded Orphans. Typical Hiroyuki Sawano music in the background only makes this battle more epic.

Good times...

Typical college professor trying to validate his field of study.

Poor one ever cares about the grunt Mobile Suit.

OMG! They actually got someone decent to speak English in this scene!

I can't tell whether this is a joke or whether the "La+" (for Laplace) is intentional here.

She's going to survive this somehow and I'm going to call BS.

At least this guy has an excuse to know how to work this. And how exactly did Banagher sense the girl falling through the air?

The fuel gauge just showed up as empty and yet these thrusters are still on...what exactly is this fuel doing? ungrateful...

This is how main characters are born. Plot armor equipped!

This ED animation looks really cool, showcasing a lot of the Mobile Suits from the series, but doesn't this song sound a bit "acoustic" for Hiroyuki Sawano?

Well, this series certainly has a lot going for it music-wise. The movies are also really popular (yeah, you can continue to crucify me for not finishing them), so I'm still on board.

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